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Am going to the Dr...

Have been having some funny stomach aches and pains since Tuesday. At first, on Tuesday at night, I thought it was a braxton hick! It woke me up but didn't last long.

I'm having lots of twinges and pains when I stretch or turn around maybe a bit too fast.

But today my tummy feels odd, it feels heavy and tight. It feels a bit like trapped wind, but its really uncomfortable and got to the stage where its scaring me.

Rang midwife team (and did speak to a midwife for once!!!) who said to see my Doctor. She thinks its a UTI... she asked if I am pee'ing lots - I said yes but only dribbles (sorry!). There is def. NO bleeding or discharge, nothing smelly down there (again sorry!). Its just my tummy.

It could be Angus having a growth spurt but I am suitably worried to do something about it rather than sit here worrying my little head off.

Leaving work in ten mins and appointment is at 4.10pm so I'll report back soon.

Thankfully hubby is working from home today so will bob home and get him to drive me!

Joo xxx


  • good luck at doctors, let us know how you get on, im sure its nothing to worry about, but better to be sure!

    ashy x

  • Hope everything is ok Joo


  • Hope you get on ok x x x
  • Thanks all!

    I'm back now and whilst we don't really know why I'm having the pains, I feel better and reassured.

    Firstly and most important - my lovely Dr used a doppler and we heard our baby's heartbeat!!! It was sooo cool and amazing. So Angus is ok!!!

    I did a urine test which showed ketones and protein. The ketones are normally something diabetics have in their urine but I am not diabetic and there is no glucose in my urine so its not that. The ketones are also a sign of dehydration. She said if there was only protein she'd be more concerned its a UTI but as there are ketones too - protein is also a sign of dehydration so she thinks its that.

    They're not sure what's causing the pains but are certain nothing is wrong. Dehydration can cause pains if it gets severe - so I got a telling off about not drinking enough and hubby is now moody with me 'cos he's always saying that to me! She thinks the pains could also just be a big growth spurt for baby.

    Everything felt normal on my tummy too.

    My urine is being sent for further tests to double check and they'll call if anything else comes up.

    Seeing Dr again on 10 Nov for my 16 week check so will see how things are!

    Julie xxx

  • Glad things are ok!


  • I'm glad your both ok. Thats lovely you got to hear los heartbeat.

    take care hun x x x x
  • glad your ok Joo! xx
  • Thanks so much everyone!

    SB - I am definitely going to try VERY hard to keep my drink and liquid up. We have lovely ice cold filtered water at work everyday so that's no excuse! And we brought a new water filter (brita thingy?) for home which just need a wash through.

    I was very worried but def. going to the Dr was the best thing - you always should to set your mind at rest! and it was just so wonderful hearing my baby MY BABY! 's heartbeat!!!

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