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Sorry to gate-crash, any ideas?

Hey girls,

Need you lovely pg ladies to give me some advice please!

Some of you know me from ttc, this is month 7.

As you know it's hard not to get your hopes up each month. I have my feet firmly on the ground, but have a new symptom.

I am hoping 7 months in the pill would be out of my system, last month got hardly any abdo signs on the 2ww.

So, I'm 10dpo and still have 6 days to go before af. I have had pain, which feels like it's on my pelvic bone by my hip. Mainly on the right side (where I seem to ov from every month), on and off during previous 2ww's.

This month I have had it both sides for long periods of times.

My questions are has anyone experienced this and was it when you got your bfp, or have you had it but weren't pg that month?

I know things move about in there when you are pg, but as I say I'm only 10dpo. This started from 3dpo as a continuous ache.

Thanks for reading, sorry for rambling, and thanks for any replies. xx


  • Hi Mithical,

    I really hope this is your BFP.

    We conceived in month 7 and I had dull aches/cramping from 6po so this does sound like what you desrcibe.

    I'd never had it in previous months either.

    What a fabulous birthday present it would be for you image x

  • That's ok SB, always nice to hear from you. I hope you are well. xx
  • Thanks for your reply goonie.

    This isn't a cramp it's more an ache. I did have an af type cramp but it was very very brief and very mild, that was 3dpo. Also any aches I had in my ov area, were early after ov and have gone now. Just get little 'zappy' pains every now and again. xx
  • Mithical - I do so hope this it for you!

    I had some strange tinglings the month I got my BFP - hard to describe as they were so, so faint I thought they were wind....!
  • image

    Thanks flush. xx
  • does it feel like trapped wind? thats what I had for about 5 days before I got my bfp.....pains but not period pains but more like bloated/trapped wind pains even though I didnt have trapped wind.....
    hope this is ur month mithical u deserve it so much! xx
  • well i had mild aches down there but cant remember whether was particular sides or not.
    good luck mithical hope this is your month for a bfp, pma and babydust for you.
    Filo x
  • oh mithical i hope this is a really good sign for you - you always do the best replies

    - i have had funny aching pains and even have them now. I used to symptom spot all the time. this month i was 100% convinced i hadnt done but did the test before starting to take clomid and it was positive - i hope it is the same for you

    lots of love sarah x x
  • OMG Sarah, congratulations on your bfp. I'm so pleased for you!!

    NewMrsB, no it doesn't feel like wind. It feels like an ache in the bone. It's on both sides, and occasionally in the middle low down. Worse when I'm sitting. It feels like everything is squashed whan I sit forwards.

    Thanks so much for your replies, I guess I'll find out next week, 5 days still to go! xx
  • ooh mithical i had the squashed feeling when you sit down before i got my bfp hopefully its a good sign for you hunn
    claire x

  • Thanks Claire. xx
  • Hey Mithical
    I hope this is the month for you!! I had this feeling along with cramps etc and was generally quite uncomfortable and it started a few days after ovulation. It was my 1st month off the pill so I just thought my period was gonna come early but it turned out i was pregnant.

    Im keeping everything crossed for you!!!

    Anna xxx

  • Hi Anna, thanks for your post. Which bit did you get the squashed feeling, or the ache on the bone?? xx
  • Hi Hun, my fingers are so firmly crossed for you this month they've turned blue!
    That boney hip/pelvis pain could be the relaxin starting to work. I had the exact same thing which gradually moved round to my lower back which was very sore for about 3 days before I got my BFP.

    It's all sounding very hopeful, I'm keeping look out for your thread!. x x
  • Hi,

    I had an achy pulling feeling that went into the tops of my thighs..a few days before my bfp, this was on both sides. I'm still getting a few aches and pains but I've been told this is normal as everything is just adjusting to the little bean snuggling in.

    I hope this is your bfp honey xx
  • How early does the relaxin start though?? This began at 3dpo, surely that's way too early?

    Thanks for the reply Lisa, how are you? xx
  • hi mithical, i had a pain like this from around 2dpo and it lasted for a good couple of weeks, it was not like a cramp more like a dull ache.

    good luck

    Nina 14+5 xx
  • Thanks Nina, that's it, and ache not a cramp.

    Don't want to get my hopes up too much, but feeling more positive.

    Thanks everyone. xx
  • I think relaxin is produced by the corpus luteam (not sure on the spelling) during the first twelve weeks then by the placenta, so it could be?

    Really hope it is - you deserve it.

    I'm fine thanks hun, just so full of cold!
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