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FFS!! Damn Hospital, Grrr!....

Morning girls

Im here for a big moan! lol
My doc told me i had SPD about 4-5 weeks ago. She referred me to the hospital to get physio a a support belt and said she'd make it an urgent appointment so i get seen quick.. well 2 weeks passed and i hadnt heard anything, so i chased it up and the hospital didnt even have a referrel letter for me image
So i called doctor and she said she def had sent one and she faxed one through that day. The hospital called me and they couldnt fit me in until 2day, WELL... The hospital has just phoned me and said the physiotherapist is off sick and they can't see me until next monday!!! I am sooo angry as i am in agony now and i really need a belt. I explained my situation to girl on phone and she just said there's no appointments and sorry!!
I phoned my doc and she's busy so going to phone me back, but i doubt there is anything she can do image

I am sooo annoyed! Its another week with no support, Grr!!

Sorry for the rant lol

Sharon x


  • hi hun, i was in a similar situation in a previous pregancy, had been diagnosed with spd, in agony with no support belt until i saw physio, so i went back to my gp and he prescribed a tubi grip ( elasticated bandage like the ones u put on a sprained wrist or ankle) if i remember correctly it was a size K and the longest one u can get, and it was a life saver until i could get to see physio!!! why don't you ask ur gp if they can do this for you, especially as ur in so much pain!!! once u see the physio u'll be given a less cumbersome support, but for the forseeable it should be helpful for you!!! let me know how u get on!!! rachie xx
  • Thanks girls!
    Doc phoned, shes annoyed at hospital and phoned them, but she cant get them to push it forward either image
    But she has decided to sign me off for 2 weeks and give me painkillers until next monday. Its something i suppose lol

    I have a support band that i got from babies r us and it does help a little, but at my work i keep getting jaggy wee hairs stuck in it and i have a itchy jaggy tummy all day lol

    I will buy loadsa wispas today to make myself feel better lol

    Sharon x

  • Oh poor you, i hope you enjoy your wispas xxx
  • enjoy the opportunity to rest up these next 2 weeks. i had similar thing was really glad to get appt quickly then they cancelled for 2 weeks later. if happens again ask to be put on cancellation list i got appt 2 days later.
    remember you can take paracetemol and ice on the pelvic bone underneath bump for max 10 mins. really help acute pain.
    Take care hun and psst can i have a wispa please? lol
    Filo x
  • poor you,my mw thinks i have spd and the pain is getting worse,she wrote the letter last week to refer me so iam hoping iam gonna hear somthing soon,i bought a support belt with my first pregnancy and ive been using it all the time,it hasnt helped with the pain :cry: but it has helped taking the weight from my bump,the doctor gave me some stronger painkillers which arnt helping so iam hoping physio is going to help


  • How frustrating, you must be so annoyed. Hope they manage to get something sorted soon but in the meantime enjoy your Wispa's :lol:

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