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im i just being silly??

i just got a txt from my antie sayin that she isnt getting my boys xmas pressies anymore!! because there is 4 of them( she doesnt no ive another on the way!!) this as really upset me bcoz my cousin did the same thing last!! now i no money is tight but she cud get them a selection box r sumt small just 2 make the effort, now i no she will get my cousins kids sumt coz they only have 1 each!! just bcoz there is 4 ov them they shudnt b left out!! im really upset and pis*ed off by wot she as done im i being over sensitive? any advice ladies!!
luv clare


  • Nope, don't think ur being silly at all hun.......after all, what would it hurt to pop a fiver into a card for each of them???? Not much but it's the thought that counts!
  • thx huni thats wot i thought !!
    luv clare
  • I'm going to be controversial but maybe she simply cannot afford it?

    Coming from a big family - twenty plus cousins - we never had pressies from aunts and uncles. And honestly, it never mattered! I bet if you don't mention it to your children, they'll be none the wiser - and that's the important bit: that they don't feel upset.

    Christmas is great and so thrilling as a child that I imagine one less selection box or little toy simply won't register. Don't let it spoil the day!

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  • I think my reply might be a bit more controversial too... are you sure that your Aunt doesn't have any other reasons for her decision - i.e. like Flush says, money?

    Only asking as this topic is a bit close to my heart.

    I have countless arguments with my brother over presents for his children at birthdays and christmas and it hacks me off more than I can say politely!!! I think he thinks I'm thoughtless where kids are concerned because I don't have my own (yet, its baking!)

    A few times I've been away and told my sister & brother that I can't afford to bring them back gifts from holidays, my brother has never given me a chance to say 'but that doesn't include the kids, I will get them a little something' before he goes off on one saying "can't you get the kids something, a token gesture?" and I would (and do) - I'm not that horrid!!!

    He always demands to know what presents we have brought them for christmas and birthdays too - I suppose its either to avoid duplication or he's getting pressure from his evil ex-wife. I can understand it, but you don't know just how much he goes on about what we've brought them!!!

    So now, we just chose something ourselves or give them a gift token - they're older now and we don't know what they're into as we hardly see them - so its hard to know what to get them.

    I'm so sorry that turned into a rant about my brother!!!!!!!!!!

    I do agree with you Clare, if its "just because" you have 4 children - that's really out of order!!!!


  • thx ladies flush u asked bout money i no she can deffo afford it as she is out at the pub friday.saturday and sunday and she as a 6 lil girl who she plams off on any relative who will hav her normally her mil! i understand its nowt 2 do wiv me wot she does wiv her money but she is quite well off!! im just really upset that she doesnt seem botherd bout my boys !!
    luv clare
  • No your not being silly i would be the same.
    in my family we dont really do prescent in a big way for the adults, but all the kids get stuff.
  • I do see her point, presents for 4 is allot but your right, a little selection box or even ??5 each in a card or something, a little gesture at least! A selection box can't be anymore that what ??2!
  • I dont think your being silly.. i would be annoyed too.. i personally think you either get them all something or all of them nothing! not one without the other! xxx
  • in my opinion that is quite mean. my bro has 5 boys, my sis has 3 girls and i've one on the way, plus cousins etc. our extended family grows every year, but thats only whats to be expected. no one in our family wld say that they weren't gonna buy anything, all that has happened, because money is getting tight now, is like when my sister only had one and my bro only had one used to spend ??40 on each, but obviously thats been cut down per person across the entire family, so now i spend a max of ??10 on each of my nieces and nephews, still comes to the ??80 before and everyone gets something, if it really came to it, i wld cut out the adults prezzies completely but not the kids, even if i cld just get them a pair of socks each its something and xmas is really all about the kids


  • If she's not buying presents for anybody's kids then that is fair enough, she doesn't have to. If she's just missing yours out because there is more than one then that is really mean, if she really doesn't want to buy lots of presents then she could always get them a bit of something between them.
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