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opinions on these names please

We're struggling with boys names, which out of this list do you like the best:


Thanks ladies xx


  • I like them all. Sebastian is cool - I always imagine cool kids to be called seb!!! x
  • all those names are nice sweet, but i really like ewan and gethin.

    how u getting on with girly names?


  • MrsH23-we will have middle names thought we'd concentrate on the first name to start with. If the first name's English we'll have a welsh middle name and vise-versa.

    Siany-girls names have been easy, we've had them picked out for months. Seren Olivia or Ffion Isabella xx
  • out of the names u have there i actually wld go for ewan alexander or gethin alexendar.

    aww those names are sooo pretty, perfect for a little girl.


  • I love Owen and Sebastian, and think Alexander is a lovely middle name- its my little boys mid name! x
  • I like Owen. I think it is very plain and nice.
  • I like Owen best too xx
  • I like owen spelt Eoin image
  • Hi Pixiebob,
    Personally i love the name Owen and thats what we have chosen for our lo.I also think Sebastian and Alexander are nice,but would go with Owen :lol:
    I just love the name!

    Carrie 36+3
  • Thanks everyone-sounds like owen and alexander are getting big thumbs up.

    Mooney-Gethin is Welsh, im abit concerned that people would find it a bit weird-it's not to me as im from wales but now live just on the border where it's not very common.

    Do you think Sebastian is a bit pretentious? I think we'd have to have 2 middle names maybe Sebastian Alexander Owen but i think that's a bit of a mouthful. The problem is our surname begins with D so the intials would spell S.A.D or S.O.D!! We've got the same problem with Seren Olivia !x
  • Hi pixiebob i dont think gethin would be weird dh and i are thinking of going with it ourselves we too are welsh but we have the lovely gethin jekins in the welsh team so im sure some people will have heard of his name before?? We also like garryn but cant find it anywhere to find out hat its meaning is?
    And for a girl we like cariad but my mum doesnt:\(dh doesnt like seren which i loved and now we are back to square 1 again with girls names????
  • It's a nightmare isn't it?! Especially welsh names as some of them are so pretty but a bit 'out there'! I think cariad is lovely but i can't get my head around it as a name-my dad calls me cariad all the time so to me, it's just a word. Im sure some people feel the same about Seren xx
  • I personally love seren and i know a little girl with this name who is just the sweetest little thing so i associate(sp) it with her shes a little darling.
    I know what you mean about welsh names though they are a bit of a nightmare arent they!Dh likes abbie now as it means fathers joy or delight but im not 100% think it will be baby evans for a while until we do decide lol.image
  • They are all really lovely names hunni but my favourites are either Owen or Sebastian xxx

  • My brother is called Sebastian and I think he quite likes it. It can be a bit of nightmare to nickname (he was called Seabass for a while by one clever clogs mate) but I have to admit that I like the name.

    Gethin should be more familiar to people these days, if only because of Gethin Jones (Blue Peter/Strictly Come Dancing).

    That being said, I like all the names you list, so am no good at offering an opion!
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