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sore nipples

ive been breastfeeding now for 5 days and one of my nipples has become cracked and abit sore, anyone know of a good cream or way to help it healup fast?


  • lanoish (sp) is fantastic really helped me in the early days. I got it from mothercare. The soreness shouldn't last for too long hun.

    Good luck and enjoy your lo, congrats btw xxxx
  • Hia few drops of lavender oil in your bath then make sure your nipple is beneath the water is good for healing.
    Also, make sure your baby is properly positioned and attached to prevent any further soreness. Get a breastfeeding counsellor to check to be sure because even slightly bad positioning can cause sore and cracked nipples and get lo into bad feeding habits. xx
  • thanks for the tips! x
  • I used nipple shields for a few days - this really helped them to heal after the intital days of me and lo learning how to get her latched on properly. I got them in tescos!

    I also agree with lanolsol (sp?!) cream.

    I was told to have a salt bath to help heal my stitches - I think it helped my sore nipples too.

  • try massaging some of your milk into the nipple, the thicker hind milk works best xxx
  • congratulations on you lo and for breastfeeding! i too was gonna say if u use ur own milk this can help heal and also to make sure baby is positioned correctly.Good luck hun,.the soreness dosent last forever xx
  • And let them air as much as you can - I used to walk around with them hanging out in the house when they got really sore!xx
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