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SMA 3 Milk too rich for some babies???

Hey ladies,

We put George onto SMA 3 follow on milk about a month ago - supposed to be fortified with iron or something, so we thought would be better for him. Anyway, since then he's started being sick a lot more - and we're not talking dribble, this is full on, projectile, let's put everything within a 2 metre radius in the washer type sick!!! He's been really bad this week, seems to take his dinner OK but then throws it back either straight after or when he's having his bedtime bottle.

Was just wondering if anyone else has found this with this milk? We were just wondering if maybe its a bit too rich for him on his ickle tummy? Have just been out and bought some more of the Gold (number 1) - we're going to put him back on that and see if it makes a difference.

Mrs S x


  • I'm not too sure as I've never used it, but apparenly follow on milk is harder to digest, because of the extra iron. I use Cow & Gate hungry baby for my lo & he's happy on this so I don't think I'll be changing. Infant formula is iron fortified too so he should be fine on SMA gold xx
  • We had a lot of problems with Cole bieng sick around the time that we put him on the APtamil follow on milk. It could have been the milk, or a fungal infection that started around the same time, or it could be teething. He is still being sick off and on but n owhere near as bad as when he was on the follwo on milk.

    I did speak to the aptamil helpline people for quite a while and they said that sometimes some babies just don't get on well at all with the follow on milk. Did you just switch the milk straight away? Aptamil people said that the best way to switch is replace a bottle at a time over a period of time to allow their little tummies to get used to the extra bits.

  • Hi Kia, yep we did just go for a straight swap - maybe that waas something to do with it!!! We've not had any sick today, although have not given him any puddings after his meal (although had to put his savoury into two bowls to fool him!!) - and he's had Gold all day. Fingers crossed this works!!!
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