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Baby P

Hi girls,

I know this is something that none of us wish to think about but its just something i can't get out of my mind. I live in the same borough as baby P and his 'parents' and as well as the news coverage am hearing all of the stories that go with it, i can't believe its happened in this country let alone my neighbourhood once again. Its so unbelievably disturbing to think that anyone could harm a baby, let alone their own baby and the details of the abuse are so disgusting i have to turn the tv off when it comes on.

I really hope that there is enough influence placed pf the powers that be to get those social workers prosecuted as they are as much to blame as anyone in this whole thing in my opinion. I also hope that when those disgusting people get what's coming to them in prison.

Sorry girls, had to voice my upset about it all and that poor little baby who i would hate to die in vain



  • i know hun have been tearfull all day over it, if it provokes such strong feelings in strangers how could the one person most connected to him let it happen. i am gobsmacked by the bungles made but mostly at the evil done to him
  • I can't believe we let a baby down so badly. I know not US personally but you get my drift. I am currently about to start a uni degree to become a social worker and i am scared of it tbh as I am petrified something like this will happen. I know that I wouldn't have to visit that many times.
    I wonder how that social worker is managing to sleep at night at the moment.
  • hi ladies im gatecrashing from pregnancy but i couldnt not say my peice on this subject .....its disgraceful that in this day and age people can be left to subject babies and children to such terrible abuse and no one notices/helps .....but its typical of social services i hope i dont offend anyone but they are a disgrace to human life they dont follow out goalposts and are just generally awful.........i have personally had a little bit of experience with having to report something because i didnt want to sit back knowing this poor girl was potentially being abused ,to cut a long story short my sister(although i no longer see her as my family)goes out with a herion addict and they have custody of his daughter ......when said daughter was a baby she was taken from her herion addict mum after a year of being left alone , fed cold cows milk, exposed to needles and drugies and put into care but then her dad applies and he and my sister get it .....then just recently a freind of said child has been staying over ~(she is 6 so really into sleepovers)and one day tells her mum she doesnt want to go there again cos her friends daddy touched her with his hands ...omg i think im going to be sick!!!i spoke to my "neice"she kind of starts talking about things happening but mummy(my sister)was sleeping , i didnt question her cos thats wrong i did tell my oh and we decided there was no point reporting it because last year she (at only 5 )was taken to a place after she has what appeared to be blisters and discharge from her girls bits!!!!............i rang social services i told them i was concerned and do u know what they did ...............????

    they rang my sisters partner and told him someone had rang spreading malicious gossip and they didnt believe it!!!arrrgghhhh so now i have no contact with any of them and i dont know where they live but this poor baby p is the concequences of slipping through the net cos social services DONT BLOODY LISTEN i just hope someone prosequtes(sp!)them and someone changes the way things are dealt with!!

    sorry its so long but i really wish social services would take a long hard look at there procedures and maybe more people would keep an eye on "situations"and not feel like i do that there is no point !!x x x
  • I tried not to read 2 much about this tbh cuz it just makes me so upset!I was on here last night with the tv on in the background and the news came on and it was on about poor baby p image i felt physically sick and horrified,i just dnt understand how anybody can be so cruel and evil.I feel like crying now thinking about how somebody could not absolutly love their child to bits and want to protect them from any harm??? I hope they get whats coming to them and i say bring back the electric chair!!maybe send them back to the victorian times n get them stoned in the street n hanged!!
  • I have only caught "snippets" of this but have avoided most of it because it was getting me too upset!

    It really is awful that things like this can still happen and I hope the people at Social Services responsible for not removing the baby from the situation will forever have it on their conscience and are NOT given compensation for "trauma".

    As for the mother and the abusers - words cannot even describe how I feel about them!
  • it's just so awful...what goes through these peoples heads?!?!?! i nearly end up in tears if i accidentally scratch JJ when i'm getting him dressed, sometimes when he cries during his 'colic hour' i cry with him cuz i feel so helpless so HOW can these people purposely do this?!?!?! arghhhh it makes me sick, i'd do the time in prison to murder them with my own hands...anyone with me? *lol*
  • the courts have lifted the restrictions on baby p and now pictures are on the news! the poor little love looked like an angel, he was so beautiful has made me cry all over again!!!! agree with mrsjbourne, would do time in prison to see harm come to the b******s that did this!!!!
  • Bless him. RIP little man.

    The people who hurt deserve to have the same done to them.....I'm not a violent person at all, but I would happily hurt these people who hurt this little angel.

    Least if there is some comfort, someone somewhere out there knows who they are, and when they are realesed from prison they will get a lot of shit for what they have done!! GOOD!!
  • what makes it worst is they will probley be sent to some cushy jail with other child kilers with sky tv playstations and a gym. will do half of they joke of a sentance and when they do come out will be probley be give new identities and location. i do hope the mother has been streriliesd and never gets anything to do with the baby she has had since

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  • God has she had another baby??!! That's shocking. well i'm pretty sure that she will have the worst time when she is sent to a women;s prision as they don't take too kindly to child killers in there as whatever the other inmates have done, a lot of them are mums too. Hope they make their lives complete miseries. He really was a gorgeous little boy and i heard his real dad has been speaking today, i feel awful for him. Anyway, let's hope that this case is the last one and due to all this outrage no other child has to suffer like this.
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