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Hi I am confused! Bought 2.5 tog grobags as looking in books it indicates that these are more commonly used than the 1 tog. HOwever, after using my thermometer in room it is about 21 degrees in room when heating is on in house but radiattor not on in bedroom but then drops to 16-18 when heating is off in night. According to instructions if its 22 or more then they shouldn't be in a 2.5 . but if its 18-22 they should but wearing only a long sleeved vest???? but if its 16 then it needs a babygro and a 2.5 tog?

I want to put baby in a babygro at night then in a bag. Should I go for 1 tog?

Has anyone used them? What do I do? Thought these would be easy!


  • hi i used them for the first year with my youngest i just used my own jugment with them just remember its easier to warm a baby up than to cool them down
  • Hey Katz, i used grobags with my boys, just because i always worried about them pulling their blankets over their heads! Mine were 2 tog (still have them for this baby, they are very cute!), and all i did was pop then in a babygrow, then in the grobag. I'd check on them a few times in the night, and if they felt too cold i'd put a blanket on them, if too hot i'd take the babygrow off and leave them in their vest. You'll find once your baby is born that the best judge of whether baby is comfortable is you, rather than the thermometer, so dont worry about it too much! Although i must admit i only started using grobags once they were in their cot, while they were in their moses basket i swaddled as they settled better. So for a newborn who cant regulate their temp very well you may need to check a bit more often to make sure they are not too hot/cold, which probably wont be a problem as you'll be up and down feeding anyway!
    Dont feel like i've helped very much lol, i'm waffling!! xx
  • Hey

    I cant help much on this as im just expecting my 1st baby in Feb. I wondered tho for you ladies who have used them, did you use them straight away. Some places say they arent safe til a certain age and others say from birth. I was thinking baby might prefer to be swaddled but i just dont know what to buy!! grobag, swaddle blankets, normal blankets!! arghh!!!

    Anna (26+5)
  • I have a 4 week old and she has gone in to grobags this week. We have several that are 0-6 months but they all have different minimum sizes. At the moment she is some we got from Primark that are for babies 7lb 7oz up. This is the smallest i have found. Check the label when you buy them for the minimum size the baby must be. You can obviously use them from birth if your baby is big enough but mine wasnt until now.

    Before she was in the bag we swaddled her with her arms out in a normal blanket and sometimes placed another blanket over the top. If she was swaddled with her arms in she would fling the blanket off. If you are planning on using bags as soon as you can then i would just buy normal blankets rather than swaddle blankets.
  • Thanks for the advice - i wont bother with swaddle blankets then as il bebuying normal blankets anyway. Il pop into Primark and get a grobag out of there and then i have the option of either if the baby is big enough. Thank you!!
  • Daft question but what is a swaddle blanket? I have bought some of those "holy/ crochered" blankets to fit moses baskets then I was going to start using grow bags when he/she is a little bigger Is this the same thing or have I bought the wrong blankts???
  • I think theyre called cellular blankets, the ones you have and i like these cos they have holes in them so i wont worry so much about them going over baby. Ive just seen these swaddle blankets but to be honest im abit confused with them all and thought id get a range. I was only going to get a swaddle blanket cos the one ive seen is shaped differently and has a velcro fastening. Im just pannicing i wont wrap baby properly and covers will go over its face but im just being paranoid and didnt think of leaving arms out like MKT86 said!! Its such a learning curve!

    Anna x
  • Hi katz100,

    We use grobags with our son. As your room is mostly in the 17-21 bracket, I'd follow the instructions for that temperature, and not worry if it drops to 16 - you'll have covered most of the temperature range, and it's more dangerous to overheat your baby.

    We use long-sleeved sleepsuits with our son, which have no legs in and just do up with poppers between his legs, so I guess these are long-sleeved vests. As it's more dangerous from a cot death point of view to overheat a baby, if you're going to use a babygro then I'd use a 1 tog bag - I think baby's tend to be overheated, as people seem to worry too much about them being cold.

    We never worried about checking our son's temp in the night - when we fed him in the night I guess we could tell if he was too hot/cold, but to be honest he was always fine, and when he slept through from 6 weeks we didn't check him xx
  • Just to let you know if you are wondering about togs - when you get your childs health record book (red book) in hospital it gives you the tog rating of everything eg nappies, vests, blankets etc. It also states that they shouldnt have more than 12 togs in total. I use this as a guide.

    Also my baby lets me know by crying if she is too hot or too cold. Like Niblet says it is more dangerous for a baby to be too hot than too cold but you will soon get the hang of it once baby is here.
  • ive only seen 2.5 tog grobags any ideas where you get 1 togs??
  • I think you will probably have to wait until after winter to get them from high street shops/supermarkets. i wouldnt imagine there is much demand for a 1 tog in winter. If you want to get a few now though you can get them online.
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