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jayden 6 months and still ahs a1 maybe 2 bottles a night he also screams for agesss, never tested how long for but, ages until he comes in our bed.! he still starts again and again for well i dont no why hes not hungary not in pain or anything! well anyway... hes going in his own room tonight and im going to try controlled crying but any advice what i do? do i go into him soon has he crys, how long do i leave him, what if he never gives in i am sooo nervous feels such a big thing please anyone can u give advice?

im nerly hypoventalating (cant spell) wow that looks a long word lol xx xx


  • hey hun have you tried using a dummy, or if you don't want to use a dummy a stuffed teddy so hes got something for comfort?
  • yeh he has a dummy have to put it in about 100 times lol, no he doesnt havea comforter might start giving him a teddy though xxx
  • basically controlled crying you put him down to sleep stay with him for a minute or so, leave for maybe 30 secs to cry then go back and settle stay with for a min for reassurance and leave for a few secs more ect ect you dont have to leave the room nut not touch him during that time to encourage him to learn to settle himself, its very hard not to go to them though
    Jo x
  • Hey, I am gatecrashing sorry and I don't have children so I am clueless but my sister is a nanny and she has said you should leave them for a decided length of time then go in, don't put the light on don't pick them up but put you hand on them so they know you are there and comfort them. Next time leave it a bit longer then a bit longer and so on. As I say I am clueless so if it is total rubbish please don't shoot me but her baby is 4 weeks old and already in a routine and in her own room from the day home from hospital so it has to be worth a try, good luck .. off back to ttc now I will stop poking my nose in! lol
  • Hey hun, you put him down, then go in after 5 mins, put dummy in stroke head then come back out - dont stay for more than 2 mins, then carry this on and after 20 mins, go 10 mins between each visit

    Be prepared as he will scream and scream - it will get worse before it gets better you must be strict with it - I would post a thread for linzimc as she has done it with her little one so she will have some tips prob

  • if controlled crying doesn't work for you do the opposite, go in when he cries put the dummy into his mouth or give him his toy say shh (don't speak to him) leave the room and repeat if he cries. He'll eventually realise that you will come into him, and will feel secure.

    I tried controlled crying first it worked but then he went back to screaming so tried this method and it worked just aswellimage
  • well im so proud!! i did it, dident let him in our bed let alone room!! he did wake 4 2 bottles but i will eventally drop the amount of milk we give him through the night until he doesnt bother waking, but im so happy he cryed 4 ages was about to give in then silence! he went to bed at 9 woke at 12 for bottle woke at 2 crying, then woke at 4.30 for bottle and crying then probley woke at 6.30 yey, detemaned to be strong and not give in. thanks girls xxx
  • hi just read youre topic gald it work my io is 10mouths + still has bottle about 5am just go in +give it to him i dont say anythink he takes it gose back to sleep , hope it gose well mx
  • i feel for you and i hope the controled crying work, i found with my son it took 3-4 days but worked in the end, it was just really hard to deal with the crying especial the first night but each night was a bit better than the night before.
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