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do i get a double pram for todler and newborn?..pls help!

PLEASE can anyone help me!!

ive ordered so many prams to look at and dont know what to do...
my first son will be 21 months when our second baby is here....

please can you give me your experiences on whether you bought a double pram and if you used it enough??..
will he still need a seat incase he wants to nap or cant be bothered to walk?... or will he be walking everywhere anyway and it will be waste of time?

its rather large too (its the graco quattro duo pram)...
I just want to be absolutely sure im getting the right one..
i partly want to stick with a single but im worried he will be a nightmare!

any suggestions and experience with this would help me soooo much!

thanks very much everyone xx
em x


  • Can't help really as only have one baby! But my nephew is 27 months now and still uses his pushchair alot so I don't think I would want to be without one. As you know its hard work having one baby never mind a toddler too! Good luck with you choice and the rest of your pregnancy! xxx
  • thanks for your reply tamarabell...
    much appreciated. just wait for a few more replies (hopefully) and then ill decide from there...
    just noticed someone has put the same sort of post on here though ... duhhh! .. but would still like more replies ladies! xx
  • i would think that he will still want to use a buggy most of the time and more than likely will still be napping in the day so may want to do this in buggy - i used to work in a nursery and all children under 2 had to go in buggy and many of those between 2 and 3 struggled to walk very far
    HTH hun
    Jo x
  • I've just had Archie and Tom is 21 months so very situation you will be in. I prefer the thought of Tom being safely strapped in where I can control him. I have bought a WE2 off ebay and so far I think it's fab !! Folds and pushes like a dream. If I had Archie in the carrier I could have managed with Tom in his single but then as they get heavier that gets impractical.
    Basically in answer to your post- I'd say YES to a double - you can always sell on after ?
  • Hi hun , maybe post your question on 'Toddler', might get some advice from mums that have more than one kid too x

  • great idea!
    Thank you ... and thanks to all those who have responded already!!
  • Hi, my dd Erin was 12mnths when Joe was born and it took us ages to decide on which double to go for, finally we decided on a Phil& Teds sport, which is fantastic, Joe is so snuggle in the cocoon and Erin loves it too. Erin is toddling along but gets tired easily, so i know it will get loads of use, also it can easily be converted from a double to a single and vice versa. I know it's a hard task chosing, it took me 9 mnths to decide.
    Godd luck
    Katie mummy to Erin 15mnths and Joe 11 weeks. x
  • hi sarah & samuel... if you look on ebay and type in either twin, duo or tandem prams... loads will come up! -
    Ive recently had a very bad experience with a company called Jusonne so suggest you stay well clear!.. they were terrible...
    but there are many, many prams on there..
    hope this helps..
    thanks to everyone still replying!! its really helpful
  • http://www.miamodainc.com/strollers/compagno.asp

    we bought this one from mums and bumps on ebay - our son will be 22 months when baby2 comes along, but he can already walk almost a mile without tiring and loves to be up and about (only 18 months but has been walking since 10 months) so this is perfect for us.
    Might not suit everyone in diff situations, but i cant recommend it enough!
    Its really light, no bigger than the 3 wheeler weve already got, and fits into our boot better.

    no comparison to others weve sen that just look and feel humongeous compared to this one.

  • i have the gracco quattro tour duo, i love it !
    shopping basket is huge the back seat is a great size and comfy, the front seat tilts back a little but not much so not the best for a sleepy toddler.
    it weighs a ton so no good if u need to lift in and out of a car, its a dream to push, much easier i thought than some umberela fold tandems.

    only bad points for me is u cant change handle height and front seat dosnt go back as much as i wld like.
    hope that helps a bit hun. xx
  • hiya i got a side by side from a freind as susan was 21mouths when had my son use it lots on my own +if susan wants to walk she can hope thats helpfell mx
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