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still no hope !!!

i recently posted on here asbout my newborn not sleeping in her own moses basket i got somuch positive advice on swaddleing i gave it a try it seemed to work for 5 minutes then she realised she was in moses basket and started screaming again or she wonted her arms out. so i left her arms out but still no hope she just does not like moses basket or cot so again she has been in bed with me but after reading a subject on here the other day about a ladys twin in her bed it scared me so much and i havent slept in my bed when baby is asleep ill lay there awake and sleep during day when she does go down in moses basket i just dont no what to try anymore ive asked midwife and health visitor but none of the thngs they have surgeted have worked im literally at my last end now anyone have nything else i can try to get little one down in moses basket or cot please

loren x x x


  • how old is your baby?
    maybe its no the cot/moses basket maybe its the fact shes used to sleeping with you now and feels lonely when shes left.
    Also what were you swaddling with, had ity got your smell on it? may help
    Filo x
  • I was going to say same as above...the fact she will sleep in moses basket during the day makes me think its not because of the moses basket she wont sleep. Sounds like you need plenty of persiverance and make sure she does sleep there at night...will be better for the both of you in the long run image x
  • hun i'd agree with filo in that your LO is prob just so used to being next to you when asleep, and it's probably not the moses basket or cot thats the trouble. would it be possibly to put the moses basket right next to your bed, lie her in that, and then you lie on your own bed very close holding her hand or with your hand on her tummy for reassurance? then she'd be able to smell/feel and hear you breathe and that might be a big comfort for her. or wear a big jumper or t-shirt for bed one night or round the house so it smells of you, then put that next to her in the moses basket. It's a habbit that needs to be broken sooner rather than later just so you can get some sleep honey, it's so difficult though isnt it! X
  • oh hun, my son hated his moses basket, we would rock him to sleep and then put him in but as soon as he stretched out and touched the sides he would wake up and scream until you took him out! we moved him into his cot bed at 3/4 months but he hated the blankets!!! so we got him into a sleeping bag and from then he would sleep through 95% of the time!

    Also he hated silence so he had a winnie the pooh night time music thingy that we would put on and he would always fall asleep to that!

    sorry my link stretched out your post making it unreadable under the add! if you go to and in the search bar type in Fisher Price Winnie the Pooh Lullaby Soother

    Molly is the same and will sleep for a wee bit in her basket with her sleeping bag on but never all night! like you i have taken her into bed with me, hubby on the sofa and stripped the duvet off. it is an unsettled and cold sleep for me. We have just bought a new mattress for the cot bed and batteries for the winnie the pooh so will be attempting her in that.

    good luck hun! x

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  • Have you thought about seeing a cranial osteopath?? Sounds very dramatic, but they can do amazing things - when babies are like this, there's often a physical reason linked to how they were lying in the womb or something that may have happened to them on the way out - these people just 'tweak' them ever so slightly and sort the problem out. It's often that they're simply not comfortable and that's why they don't settle.
    You should be able to find the name of one in your local area on the net, or maybe ask you health visitor?
    Sarah x
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