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Bit of a silly question sorry

Hi Mums & Babies,

I'm not ready for sex but my hubby needs a bit of fun which i'm ok about but this is where it gets silly, with Evie being nearly 3 weeks she has never been left in a room by herself on a night not even for five mins (we are going to try soon, i promise) anyway we don't want to do anything with her in the room. The point of this post was where are you lo when you have fun. You don't have to answer i'm just wondering what to do thanks xxx


  • hey - don't say sorry!!!! Not silly at all!
    I'm also not ready for sex yet but my dh also wants 'a bit of fun'.
    To be honest lo is in her cot by the bed when we have fun - I felt odd about it at first but she is sound asleep so doesn't know whats going on! And we're v quiet. I'll prob wait till she's in her own room before attempting sex again!
  • JJ stays in the same room, once he's asleep for the night nothing wakes him and even if he did wake up he wouldn't know what was happening...does that sound awful? hmmm :\?
  • Ah we did it when harry was asleep. He wasn't next to our bed so i thought Ah well! Never gonna do it if i get too knobbish about it! So we just got on with it. xxx
  • when tegan was little we just done it when she was asleep in the room, otherwise we would have never got any xx

  • Thanks Girls, i was feeling bad about attempting it whilst shes in the room but i don't feel as bad now thanks xxxxxxx
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