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So scared!!!

HI all

I posted on trying for a baby on friday to say I had done 3 tests all with faint lines.....well now two more test I have done had very definite lines so think it really has happened!!!!! First month of kind of trying! I'm so scared and nervous and worried and don't really know quite what I'm feeling!!!! I have made a docs appointment so have that on wednesday so hopefully that will calm me a little but as I live abroad and my language is ok but nor fluent I'm really worried. So expect lots of posts and annoying questions from me in the next 9 months!!!!
By the way is it normal to feel to feel so bloody exhausted at the start?!?



  • hi sunshine

    first of all CONGRATZ

    its perfectly normal to be feeling worried and anxious, especially living abroard? i myself live in belgium, away from friends and family, and completely get the language barrier because my dutch is really not good at all. where do u live? and ask away dear, thats what this site and all the lovely ladies on here are for.

    and yes, feeling tired is perfectly normal, ur body is using extra energy in order to grow ur LO, plus with hormones all skewiff ur bound to be feeling not ur usual self.

    congratz again.


    ps, feel free to email me if u want, as i do understand what its like to be in a different country when pregnant.

  • Thanks guys......this willbe my support line!!!! I live in Spain and so not too worried about the health care service as it is very good here and my friend had a baby last year and received excellent care. I'll see how I get on at the doctors tomorrow...I'll need to sit with my dictionary today and learn some new vocab!
  • hiya and congrats on your pregnancy!! knaceredness is very normal i am still exhausted and find napping whenever wherever possible helps, everyone is really friendly on here and feel free to ask anything you want no matter how stupid you think it might be because we have all been like you xxxx

  • Hi hun congratz on the BFP we fell first month too so were very shocked and not quite expecting it - its normal to feel exhausted I feel rubbish at the moment am just waiting for morning sickness to kcik in now - have the odd wave of nausea but thats as far as it goes at the mo thank goodness!


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