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You know you were a child of the 80s if...

Following the 'favourite kids cartoons' thread, it seems a lot of us were young in that wonderful decade of the 1980's. Any of the statements below sound familiar to anyone?

You know you were a child of the 80s when.....

You never questioned why the A-Team were always imprisoned in places that had sufficient tools to build an armoured tank.

Dungeons & Dragons was your favourite cartoon.

You fell out with friends during heated arguments about the relative merits of Matt & Luke.

You owned, or wanted a "Frankie says..." T-shirt.

You have ever danced (or even worse cried) to Kylie & Jason.

Cerise pink, electric blue and banana yellow have ever featured in your wardrobe or make-up collection.

You ever did the top toggle of your coat up around your neck without having your arms in the sleeves, and knew you looked like a super-hero.

Parachuting Action man was your favourite toy.

Your best party dress was either a ra-ra or puff-ball skirt.

You ever owned a thin, black leather tie (and were proud of it), or worse it was patterned like a piano.

You have ever po-goed or space-hopped.

You wondered why your walkie-talkie didn't have the same range as those in the Red Hand Gang.

You were shocked by the controversial plot lines in Degrassi Junior High.

You tried to set up a "Famous Five" or "Secret Seven" gang with your school friends.

You tried to convince your Dad to fit a strip of red lights on the front of his Capri so it looked like KITT.

"Ca-vey Wa-vey!" means anything to you.

You ever had more than 10 sweets in a 10p mix-up.

Not only did you wear luminous clothing, but they were mismatched fingerless gloves and towelling socks.

Conveyor belts regularly carried washing machines, deep-fat fryers and a cuddly toy.

You could have got away with it if it hadn't been for those meddling kids.

(Girls) You owned a pair of Pixie Boots, generally worn with leg warmers.

(Boys) You owned a pair of pale grey slip-ons, generally worn with white towelling socks.


You were proud of your picture appearing in the Gallery.

Your best mate had a soda stream at home and you were jealous

Um Bongo, Um Bongo, They drink it in the Congo.

You really, really wanted to be on "Jim'll Fix It".

You were led to believe that in the year 2000 we'd all be living in space.

You can remember what Michael Jackson looked like before he had plastic surgery.

You could break dance (ok, you wished you could)

You remember when Amiga was a state of the art video game system.

You have ever pondered on why Smurfette was the ONLY female smurf.

You believed that "By the power of Greyskull, you HAD the power!"

Partying "like it's 1999" seemed SO far away.

You recorded songs off the radio with your boom box.

You know what leg warmers are and probably had a pair.

Your new winter coat was best used to demonstrate that your wings were like a shield of steel.

Big wheels and BMX's were the way to go.

You held a chicken in the air or stuck a deckchair up your nose.

You wore legwarmers and tried to do the splits while jumping in the air while singing you were going to live forever.

When 'Computer' Tennis, Pac-Man and Donkey-Kong ruled.

You remember hearing the tune then running out to buy an ice cream cone on a warm summer night - 99's, screwballs or a cider lolly.

Water balloons were the ultimate weapon.

Important decisions were made by going "eeny-meeny-miney-mo."

Ahh those were the days image

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  • LMAO :lol::lol::lol:
    Was born in 75 so remember everything you say. Those were the days defo!!!
  • i remember them well,lol
    was stuck on mates living room carpet for 2 hours after pulling a muscle doing a swan dive,lol
  • OMG it's all so true! I had leg warmers and loved them. Always wanted a Ra-ra skirt but my mum wouldn't let me for some reason. Did get a puffball though! image
  • I have just read this and laughed like you wouldn't believe! I was soooo a child of the 80's (til 86 of course when I left school lol)!

    Not only recorded on the boom box but DJ'd along with it! Had the puff ball and ra-ra, was never going to be he-man though I was SHE-RA!!!

    Also at fireworks the other night I felt really old because NOBODY remembered fireworks that let out parachuting soldiers that we all used to try and catch - please please tell me someone on here does lol!!!

    That is absolutely brilliant - THANK YOU!!!!

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  • I really should be tidying the kitchen but now i've started reminiscing (sp?) i cant stop ... these are probably a bit more 90s than 80s but ...

    You can sing the rap to "The Fresh Prince of Bel Air".

    You had a huge fringe at some point in your childhood.

    You played and/or collected Pogs.

    You watched the original Postman Pat, Fireman Sam and Ninja Turtles (back in the day when they were 'Hero' Turtles).

    You used to wear those stick on earings, not only on your ears but at the corners of your eyes.

    You know the Macarena by heart and Saturday Night too.

    You remember Bum Bags, they weren't even cool then.

    You always wanted to be on Fun House. And secretly fancied Pat Sharp (come on admit it, it was the hair that did it for me!)

    You wore as many shag bands as you could fit on your arm.

    All the boys had their hair in 'curtains'.

    Nickelodeon was cool.

    The Chuckle Brothers were not.

    You wore Addidas 3 stripe joggers or poppers.

    Girls thought hair mascara looked good.

    You remember Mr. Motivator.

    You bought Smash Hits Magazine for the song lyrics.

    Everyone owned something from NafNaf or Fruit Of The Loom (probably in grey).

    Space Raiders were only 10p!

    It's PJ and Duncan not Ant and Dec.

    You had at least one Troll.

    You remember that "Hooch" was the original alcopop. You drank this (or White Lightning) on a see saw in the park.

    I almost feel sorry for our babies - what crazes can they look forward to that will possibly compare to the utter cool-ness of our youth

  • my OH reminising with u (I was born in 87 so missed loads of it :cryimage He said dont forget Jason and the wheel warriors, thundercats and transformers he was born in 81, lol
  • I was born in 1980 and I remember more if the 2nd list......

    I actually wrote into Jim'l fix it (no reply), had tons of 'shag bands', loved 'PJ and Duncan' brother made us KITT dashboards!

    can you add Jason and Kylie to the list? "Especially for you"
  • I was also born in 1980 and remember all of the second list and most of the first one!!!! Oh how things have changed! xxxxx
  • I remember all of the first list (was born in 73) but not as many of the second list! I had a puff ball skirt and a ra ra skirt - they were fab!! If only I still had the legs!
  • I was born in 1988 and remember pretty much all of the 2nd list.

    Brought back some memories!
  • hahaha so true, i remember the second list too, was born in 85 so i guess im a 90's child really..
  • I was 1970 and remember nearly all the first one, but none of the 2nd - must have been too busy with the kids! They made me really giggle! Especially the deckchair up the nose and the wings of steel - you had to be there!

    Lee - I really do not remember those parachuting soldier things though - were you on the blue nun that night? lol - or the white lightening? Oh those were the days! xx
  • i remember down the youth centre with my 20/20 n hooch dancing to saturday night lol ahh those were days
  • LOL i was born in 83 so i remember all the things on the 80 and 90 lists. i also remember my mum making my sister a hat with big hole in the middle so her hair would come out of it coz she wanted to be like kylie. oh and my sister had a puple shell suit and i had the brightest pink shellsuit anyone had ever seen. ( i feel so old lol) x.
  • omg 20/20!!! ha ha good times! image
    i was born in 84 and rememebr quite a lot from both lists, pretty much all from the second!!!
  • I was born in 1980 and also remember most of the second list. It is so funny.
  • dont you open that trap door,
    your a fool if you dare,
    stay away from that trap door,
    coz theres something down there!

    i also remember thunder cats and sesame street and getting my mum to crimp my hair for school discos.
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