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Bleeding Nipples

Im 21+2 and today my nipple bled quite a bit, has anyone else had this?



  • no but perhaps ring mw for advice hun
    Filo x
  • Thanks for your reply. I have just spoken to a midwife who said just to keep an eye on it, she didnt say whether it was normal or not. My nipples have been leaking for a couple of weeks and a few times I have noticed a blood stained liquid but when I googled it, it sounded like "rusty pipe syndrome". I haven't had the blood staining for about a week though and today it was after I had been laying down for my sports massage and more than covered the area of a five pence coin. It was quite fresh blood rather than a blood stained discharge :\? Everything else I have googled seems to go straight to it being something more sinister, even during pregnancy....


  • maybe speak to gp and see if they need to refer you to consultant or do any tests hun
    Filo x
  • Hi,
    Just a quick update, spoke to a GP yesterday who made an appointment for me to be seen today. She examined my breasts and "milked" the one that has been bleeding and it bled a little bit again. She has referred me to the breast specialists to get it checked out as it would appear that it is really quite unusual in pregnancy (although she says her gut feeling is that everything is fine) so I will hopefully have an appointment by the new year. By which time the problem will probably have resolved itself. I am only 24 and have always had quite small breasts and as far as I'm aware there isn't any breast cancer in my family (mum is adopted), so I'm not overly concerned, I would just rather be sure that its ok rather than assume it is.

    Just a note in case anyone else experiences this (in case it isn't obvious!!) get it checked out sooner rather than later.


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