Bright red, dry patches on face.. help!?

Hi ladies, and babies,
Hope everyone is well this morning. My little man Joe, is almost 12 weeks and has always had weepy eyes since birth and they are getting better slowly but over the last week or so he has developed bright red dry patches on his skin, on both sides of his face. What are they, and what can i put on them. Would it be because of his eyes weepin? I'm going to take him to docs as sometimes it's so red and he seems to be trying to rub it bless him.
Any one's lo had anything similar?
Thanks in advance.


  • Hi, my little 1s 7 n half weeks, she got bright red patches all over her cheeks about a week ago, they looked quite sore like spotty, i took her to the docs they said its quite normal i could be overheating her to keep room temp about 22, i was nt convinced, she gave me sum cream for her dry skin inbetween her eyebrows but told me not to use it on her cheeks let it go on its iwn, left it a few days n it still had nt cleared up so when i asked hv she said it could be a bit of exema to put a bit of that cream on as thats wat its for, since using that cream its completely gone.hope this helps x x
  • Thanks stephed12 like your lo Joe had a spotty rash about 6weeks which i think is quite normal (my dd had this too, think they call it milk rash?)but this is different, it's awful, i cant get him in at docs so going to ring HV's, i want some magic cream for my little man. x
  • sounds a bit ike wind burn to me. dont know for sure of course so go see your doc. but kiddies can get wind burn much easier than us so i put a layer of vaseline on camerons cheeks before we go out. But then i suppose your lo's still in a carrycot pram so it wouldnt apply really?! xx
  • charlie had awful skin at 7 weeks, very red, blotchy, dry and red. i bought some advent magic cream and it cleared up completely. i swear by magic cream now! x
  • Hi everyone thanks for your replies, my HV has finally rang me back (had to leave a message) she said to try E45 cream and see if that helps and if not get back in touch! So i'll give it a whirl, and if it doesnt work will try your suggestions. Thanks again. x
  • Hi just to let you know Ben had this(and the runny eyes)it was Eczema.I got various creams from the Docs...Epaderm being an all in one emollient,bath additive and skin cleanser..they said not to use anything in his bath water and to apply this 4x a day to his skin...
    It lasted for about 2 mths(just two bright red sore almost scabby patches on his cheeks)and eventually i got some steriod cream to use which cleared it up within a week...but i think they are reluntant to prescribe this to young babies...Benji was about 4mths/5mths i think
  • my son gets this quite a lot, he's got it at the minute, i tried sudecrem, body lotion, e45 nothing works, it just seems to go on its own, i thought it was the change in weather but we haven't been out much recently so i don't think it is that, so i think it is the baby wipes i'm using, we often change wipes depending on whats on offer and we have just changed them and its come up again so i've bought huggies again today so if it clears up now then it is definately the baby wipes!
  • I put a post up a while ago about this...Braedon has the same bright red patches on his cheeks, i think it might be where he dribbles all the time and then going from cold outside to warm indoors drying skin out...also have avent magic cream, seems pretty good! xxxx
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