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For those of you with older babies... are you planning on letting them have an advent calander? Theres ones with just pics isnt there? but I want to give Eoin one with treats in... but dont want him having chocolate every day for a month!! Any one know of any baby friendly advent calanders? Low sugar, or cereal type treats in ect? thank you ladies xxxxxxxx


  • i havnt seen any low sugar ones hun but u can get advent calanders that have pockets so u can fill them ur self with what ever u think is apropriateimage
  • what a great idea.... thank you xxxx
  • I posted a similar response as kirst3 then realised it was in toddler Thats what we're going to do for our lo, I already have a material one but am hoping to get a nice wodden 1 in the sales as we dont need it really this year. You could put different treats in it or with my material one, you can move a tree marker to the right number. If you had one like this then you could put a treat in every other day maybe as a surprise?
  • Just read your reply in toddle but thought i'd post here.....

    I've seen them this year in m&s (with treats that you could take out) , john lewis, cargo, bhs, I got my first one in a linin shop.
  • My mum bought Millie an Advent Nativity book (Usborne) It has the nativity story in it and every day you take out another piece to make up a little nativity scene. I don't do religon but I think it is a really nice alternative to an advent calander.
  • I did used to be able to fob Abby off with a picture one but her friends at school have now told her you can get ones with chocolate in so dont think I'll be able to get away with that this year!
  • i replied to this in the toddler forum xx
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