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the countdown!

Morning Mummies!! are you planning on letting ur LO's have an advent calander? Theres ones with just pics isnt there? but I want to give Eoin one with treats in... but dont want him having chocolate every day for a month!! Any one know of any baby friendly advent calanders? Low sugar, or cereal type treats in ect? thank you ladies xxxxxxxx


  • how about investing in one that has pockets or drawers for you to put treats in yourself. I have a material one I bought for my classroom a few years ago but we're hoping to get a nice wooden one with drawers in the sales for louise to use for many years!

    (just realised i've gatecrashed toddler.....opps lol)

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  • someone else said this too! didnt even know u cld get these... how fab... thank you xxx
  • I bought jayden an advent calender but then so did my mum AND then my dad did so he has 3!! I think ill be eating plenty of chocolate next month! yum!
  • Ah ????ts only a teeny chocolate Im sure ????t wont do any harm!
  • I've bought Lily a chocolate advent calendar. I don't normally give Lily chocolate as she doesn't really seem to be keen on it (and I haven't pushed it on her!), but I figured a little bit of choccie a day is not going to hurt and me or OH can always eat it instead!

    I've seen the advent calendars made of material with pockets which you can fill with your own treats in the Studio catalogue. Don't know if they have a website or not. I suppose you could always get creative with bits of material, tissue paper or envelopes!!
  • I'm getting him one with choccie, he can open it at the end of the day & have the choccie as his after dinner treat. But I do like the idea of the wooden or material ones so when they are older you can add little toys & treats of your own choosing. Oh & Christmas day I am gonna let Sonyn eat all the crap he wants. Thats what we were allowed to do, selection box for breakfast, choccie coins & quality street all day, christmas pudding, icecream, why not, it is only one day a year. image Sucha bad mummy.!!! :lol:

    (OK maybe not all that but he is going to be around alot of crappy food on Christmas day so I'm going to be very relaxed & not think about his poor teeth or digestion for one day) image:roll:

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  • i wanna get sam one, im going to half the chocolate with him every day lol.

    am i the only one who thinks advent calendar chocolates smell like christmas? :\? 8\)
  • I saw a really cool wooden reindeer calender with little boxes for each day that you put your own treats in. It was from Red Direct, I think it was a bit pricey but would last for ever so maybe a good investment.
  • I'm with you Beebee - my mum would let us eat anything on Christmas Day & Easter! On a normal Christmas day we'd have eaten a whole selection box before 9am!!! One day won't hurt and she can have her teeth cleaned extra well before she goes to bed!
    I'm going to get her, oh & the dog a chocolate calendar each!!
  • My mum has bought tegan an in the night garden advent calendar and i dont mind her having the chocolate out of it as it is so small but i think i might invest in a wooden one in the sales for next year as they are gorgeous!

    I still need to buy me and oh a calendar although he thinks we are "too old". any of you mummies gonna have one?

  • LOL, my dog used to get doggy choccies too Donna & one of the sotries that get told every Christmas was how one year I ate his choccies too image
  • Nice!! I'll try to keep Poppy away from Howards calendar then - I've already caught her having one of his biscuits!!
  • oh and me are definately going to get one!!we're not too old for calendars :lol: 20&21 :lol: xx
  • I don't think I'm too old for one and I'm 35 so I'm going to get myself a Celebrations one!!
  • 35 is definately not too old donna!!!

    i fancy a barbie one and oh will prob want bob the builder or thomas the tank engine one :lol: going to get sam an in the night garden one, he loves the program xxx
  • Best to, they weren't even people choccies apparently, were those nasty chalkie kind for pets!!!

    I always eat at least 2 selection boxes (bought for the kids) in the lead up to Christmas, If I dont' wrap them straight away then the temptation is too much. image So wont bother with a calender for me as will have got my quota already.
  • Yummy - chalky chocolates!! Even my dog won't eat those so I think he'll have to have a human one!!
    I love all the chocolates associated with Christmas - it's a time of the year where it is acceptable to eat a whole tin of Quality Street in a day!! I love it!
  • I dont think you can ever be too old for an advent calender. jayden has an in the nght garden one and 2 milk button ones and i have 2! A me to you bear one and a dairy milk one! yummy!
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