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What's the trick....

to get your lo to eat??

Kyra's nearly 6 months, we began weaning a couple of weeks ago, but she's never interested in her food. She has the usual mashed veg, fruit, baby jars like egg custard and baby cereals. All she does is tongue thrust it all back out again, it's gross it comes oozing out all runny mixed with saliva lol. She has plenty of water during the day to prevent consipation. She was exclusively bf from birth, do u think this is why she's not wanting any solid meals?

How did you get your lo's to enjoy their solid meals and gobble them all up?? xx


  • hello,
    does she swallow any from off the spoon? I think we expect our los to eat loads, when they are just having taster foods, so a spoonful is fine. They say give them the same food for three days so they can get used to the taste before changing foods. I started off buy giving her some jar food which she took to ok. I've never given her baby rice on its own, just occasionally to bulk up her food.
    Does she have fruit on its own or veg without the baby rice? or does she spit it out whatever? Does she watch you it your food? Maybe if you eat a spoonful then offer it to her? Sometimes my lo spits it back out again (usually when oh is feeding her!) He just puts it back in her mouth lol!
    I just give her really small amounts on the spoon. My lo is bf too, but wont take more than a couple of mouthfuls if that, of tempted to just start her off with a cup with a spout instead.

    Sry, that probably hasnt been very helpful!
  • Hi hun, she is probably having more than you think - I remember thinking the same when I started weaning Gabe, cos he seemed to hate some foods and just dribbled them out! - but the evidence was definitely there in the nappy that some of it must have been digested, not sure how mind you :lol:

    I would say to persevere, try different foods (I thought about stopping Gabe's food until I tried giving him apple and pear which he loved) and if she is still not interested in spoon feeds then think about trying her on finger foods and doing Baby led weaning. Gabe is 6 1/2 months, on finger foods and loves them - no choking or gagging - yet! I'm hoping in the next month or so he's eating 'proper' foods like sarnies, mashed dinners etc so I don't have to puree anymore, lol.

    That's another thought - maybe do something a bit thicker - Gabe struggles with runny food, it always just dribbles straight out. I know they advise to start with runny food though but it doesnt work for all bubs x
  • Thanks, some useful advice...your right cuz there are bits in the nappy too so she must be getting something! I'm trying to be careful not to give food too thick as I did try that and she ended up very constipated and need to go hospital as she hadn't pood in 5 days. It was really horrible as I could (tmi) see the stool bobbing in and out and she just couldn't pass it, i felt so bad as she was in so much pain. The whole family was so relieved when she finally passed it after upping the dose of latchulouse (sp). So I make sure when she has her meals she downs plenty of water to prevent the same situation. I hope it doesn't happen to your los cuz I was in tears when she had the pain. xx
  • You've had loads of good advice but also remember that it is a VERY different thing learning to eat of a spoon compared to suckling so it takes them a while to get the skill!
  • Poor Kyra, that sounds awful. Gabe has luckily only had constipation once really & not since weaning. Since weaning he has gone the other way and has runny gross nappies all the time...lovely! Much better than them being constipated though. How much water does Kyra drink in a day? Gabe drinks from a cup now and he only has about 4-5oz over the whole day. And 3-4 bottles x
  • Well I keep refreshing her bottle with ice cold water as that's the way she likes to drink it. She's teething so when she chews on the teat the cold water sooths here gums and quenches her thirst at the same time. She has around 6 oz throughout the day, 1 or 2oz from each bottle. She drinks from a cup too, the mothercare one with the easy grip handles, but the spout is really short on it and she likes to chew on something while drinking so as long as it's not my nipple i don't care lol x
  • Hi hon

    A good remedy for constipation that I've found is simmering some prunes in their own juice (not the sweetened ones) and pureeing this with pear or apple or whatever. It's sweet so los tend to love it and it really works at clearing them out! Make sure she gets lots of pure fruit puree (i.e. without milk, custard etc) as well so she'll get the water from that as well.xx
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