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Faith got tonsilitus

Hi girls i post on here about here not being well she stop eating drinking and she does have a bit she end being sick we took her to the doctor today and she tonsilitus she bin but on antibiotics we are trying are best to get water down her she having no of it. I am hoping the antibiotics work soon
carrie faith

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  • I hope she gets better soon on the antibiotics - Ollie has just recovered from his last bout of it but ended up having 3 different kinds of antibiotic because the first two didnt work...
    penicillin he doesnt respond to, erythamiacin (sp?) makes him worse so he now has to have augmentin for 10 days if he gets in it future...

    if you're struggling to get water or any fluid down her, you could always try an ice pop (if shes allowed/old enough to have them) ....?

  • aw your poor little girl - just as she started to feed better aswell!

    Just try getting anything into her, even if it's juice - won't harm her for a couple of days poor little love.

  • wish me luck i am hope for better night we mange to get her drink some water she had bit food hoping she feeling better soon
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