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Night Waking at 9 months

Hi guys,

About demented at the moment. My lo is 9 months and has been waking up in the middle of the night crying for a few weeks now. When I pick her up she just wants to yap to me and play. She was doing this about 3 weeks ago and her top teeth came through so I know that was probably why she started doing it but I have had a look and no more teeth coming at the mo so why is she doing this? Could it be habit from teething? I tried to leave her to cry last night for a while to see if she would settle back down but she was really crying and took a few minutes to settle her.

Anyone else had this? I ended up taking her into the spare room with me and she fell asleep again. She was also windy from the bottom when she woke up.


  • My lo is doing exactly the same, and won't settle going to sleep. Just want to be held all the time!! Haven't got any suggestions, but know how you're feeling. Its so frustrating!!
  • josh is the same! hes almost 9 months and has been an angel sleeping through up to about 3 weeks ago. i have to get him to sleep in my bed at the minute otherwise he screams the place down and he doesnt give in if you leave first i got him to sleep with me and then moved him to his cot but he woke up that many times i just ended up leaving him with me. it was getting me down for a bit because i said i would never put him in with me but ive come to the conclusion that mummy needs her sleep just as much as baby so you just got to do what works at the time so you both get enough rest and hopefully its just a phase and will pass. i'm missin my husband too coz he's terrified to sleep in the same bed with josh in case he rolls over so he's been in the spare room. josh has got it sussed though....half a kingsize bed to himself, he's not daft!
  • Well oh got up with her last night and did controlled crying which seemed to work eventually. I think its just habit from her teeth cutting in a few weeks ago. My hv suggested feeding her more incase it was hunger but not made a difference. Goodness knows but glad I'm not alone. Thanks for your comments and hopefully it will pass.

    She is booked into MIL's on friday night so I can have a bit of alone time with hubby!!! ;\)
  • God, I am exactly the same....Bella is nearly 9months.
    Maybe its an age thing. She will wake loads in the night and wont settle until I pick her up. She hates her cot at the moment. She will go down fine at bed time but by about 11ish she is up and down all night. She will sleep for a while in our bed, but mostly she wants me to be stood up all the time. I'm exhausted. My HV also said she was hungry but I'm not sure. I try her on milk in the night, she drinks it but then its harder to get her back to sleep. I think she drinks it coz its there, not because she wants it. I have been putting my dressing gown in her cot recently which helps a little. It might be her top teeth but its been going on for nearly 7 weeks now.
    God I hope this phase passes soon.
    Sending sleep vibes out!!!

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