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Quick q. for breastfeeders

Sounds silly but - do you clean your boobs before breastfeeding? If so with what? I assume not, but it's just popped into my head and now I can't stop wondering!



  • I never did - never even occured to me - just my usual showers each day - I mean your boobs don't exactly get dirty do they - mmmmm no never thought of it so never did! image
  • No, I don't. I would have thought if anything you need to clean them afterwards to get rid of any left over milk, but I don't do that either!!!

    Ohhhh, due tomorrow I see!! Hope you don't have to wait too much longer to meet your lo, do you not what colour you are having?
  • i never did either never done my lo ne harm. i'd imagin it'd b a bit of a faff tbh!
  • Ok thanks, that's what I thought - am having irrational, last-minute flaps about all kinds of silly things. Keep thinking there are important things that everyone knows except me & I've just somehow managed to overlook them and am going to do something awful or fail to do something important!

    Yes, due tomorrow and so impatient! Don't know the colour but I think pink. Had a sweep today and have had a bit of a bloody show so fingers crossed! image

    Thanks ladies.
  • Oooh, good luck!
  • Fingers crossed!! Maybe all the irational flapping is a form of nesting lol I had Barney within 24hrs of my sweep so fingers crossed you'v not long to wait now.
  • good luck hun, fingers crossed for a nice easy quick birth x
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