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What do you wish.....?

I wish I'd taken more notice of the people who told me to make the most of the time for myself when I was pregnant.... Now I can't even go to the loo without feeling guilty

You're turn!



  • I wish i'd not eaten everytime i was hungry becuase i regret it now!

    I also wish that i'd spent as much time as i could with OH because now Harry's here we can't just do whatever we like, whenever we like.

    I wish i'd enjoyed the 'old days' more as they were the best days of my life and i thought it was really quite sh*t at the time xxx
  • I wish i'd made more of bein pg and not moaned bout it so much
    I also wish we had our own place to live
    I wish i had lots of money to spend on my lo
  • I wish I had gone out for dinner every weekend before I had Neve and had more lie ins. And I wish I could guarantee that Neve would always have an easy passage through life.
  • I wish I'd never got into the habit of eating so much when bf cause now I've given up, the weight is just piling on :x

  • at this moment in time...I wish my daughter would sleep through the night and sleep on her own i the day as I could get more things done!
  • I wish my baby would arrive, preferably in the next 24 hours, so I can officially join you all!

  • I second that ILovemygeek, I feel like a right nag sometimes.
  • I wish I hadn't eaten so much during first pg and moaned so much as compared to this pg it was perfect!!

    I also wish lo's will never get seriously poorly and have a happy life.

    Kerry, Freya and Bump
    X X X
  • I third that ilovemygeek and lottie and neve!! I really must stop doin it
  • I too wish I'd made the most of life pre-baby and just generally gone out more & made the most of my freedom! Well said MrsT

    That's all really!

    So Pink toothbrush - go out tonight & lie in till 2pm tomorrow!

    I also wish my OH would let Gabe sleep in my bed (he sleeps in spare room on weekdays as works nights) as I get so much more sleep that way lol x
  • I wish sometimes I was still pregnant because I adored the experience and miss rubbing my bump.... I also wish I'd soaked up more of the experience even though at the time I didn't think I could have
  • 1) That I joined SS this year.
    2) Shouldnt of rung my nanny!
    3) Nagging OH sometimes :evil:
    4) Not making most of pre baby days!! Oh to lay in bed all day eating biccies and watching eastenders!

  • I wish my excess baby weight would just fall off without me having to do anything and that I was a size 10 again image.

    I haven't been a size 10 for about 10 years so I don't think it's going to happen somehow image
  • I wish i'd had an easier passage to life.. but seen as I didn't I wish that I can now create that for my little one! x

    Oh & I also wish that I could have a night out a little more frequently! I'd be soo happy then! x :lol:

    oh & if it's not asking to much.. perhaps a little bit of unbroken sleep! x
  • I wish.....That I would give up smoking... so I can 'up' the chances that I will be there so hold LO's hand through all his ups and downs all through his life...

    I wish..... That I could resist the call of the cheese in the fridge

    I wish.... That I didnt snap at DH half as much as I do
  • I wish that my hubby (who has gone back to work today) would realise that when his alarm goes off to get up, instead of knocking it on snooze and going back to sleep...... I also wish he'd realise that if his wife has fed their baby 45 mins previous and is going back to sleep herself, she won't be impressed by said alarm clock!!!!

  • i wished i had more money to give lo all that he wanted.
    i wish i had a bigger house instead of a flat so lo can have all the big toys too
    i wish i could stop moaning at my oh but i just can't help myself..
  • I wish that id of slept more while pregnant!!

  • i wish i get my BFP of r xmas,or xmas eve so i can wrap it up for hubby lol

    that all my children have a happy healthy life,without harm coming to them and that they florish in whatever they decide to do

    we can move house next year

    i can go back to a size 12 and my hair is perfect everyday coz 3 days out of 7 aint cutting it for me now lol
  • i wish that id been more financially prepared this tim

    also wish i was more calm and not so panicky
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