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Does this sound right??

Hi girls,

I am now mixed feeding my daughter due to b'feeding probs, she gets fussy after 5mins or so on the boob. So after 5/10 mins on the boob I then give her 3oz of formula and she usually takes it all. I am feeding her roughly every 3hours. Does this sound ok to you or due you think I need to up the amount of oz's I am giving her, occasionally she will take 4 after a b'feed.

Also sometimes if there is not bottle made up I put the boiled water in a bottle and pop into a jug of v cold water for quickness, is this ok? Most of the time I make up the bottles in the morning and just leave (with the boiled water in) and pop in the poweder when she is ready for a feed, sometimes I warm them slightly in a jug of hot water if its a cold day.

Hope it all sounds right??


  • i started heating davids milk slightly, as its freezing (the water) after being out.. he seems ok on it so sounds good to me, and he takes between 22 and 30 ounces normally, so with the breastfeeds as well sounds as though little Amber is doing great
  • Amyamber. Sounds like you are doing just fine. Dont forget breast milk is far more satisfying than formula. So a baby who has breast milk wont need as much formula as a regularly feed formula baby. Hope that makes sense.
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