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What are you getting OH for xmas?

Need help please, have no idea what to get him as he keeps saying he doesn't want anything or he already has everything he wants! But can't not get him anything!!! After all, I'm expecting great things this year lol!! Thanks ladies xxx


  • Don't ask lol! I thought on spur of moment I'll get him a fishtank for christmas as he's always wanted some pet fish, and the girls love them too. Thought it would be so easy, just go to pet shop and get the stuff and the fish, job sorted. But no, you have to set the tank up for a week before you even get the fish! Then you have to put them in the tank in a seperate bag of water so they get used to it- it's nearly as complicated as looking after a baby and I had no idea!

    Hope you think of something for your hubby. I struggled as mine has everything too!

  • I know exactly how u feel! men r so stuborn! Im gettin my OH a necklace from me and some after shave sets, dvd's, cd's from Isabella, he loves only fools and horses so will prob get him the box set. If ur struggling for ideas, i would just pick up little bits as they all add up! I hope u find something without much trouble!

  • Technic lego!
  • My oh loves only fools and horses too, I've already bought him the box set, that's the only thing I've got, just wanted a few more bits to open on the day. x x x
  • Well I already know what my 'big' present it, I asked for a big bottle of Chanel No.5 eau de premiere, so I'm expecting that and a few other bits. The box set was pretty expensive so I just need some other small/not-so-expensive items...?
  • try hmv for some cd's/dvd's they had a sale on the other day, also maybe try Marks and Spencer, every christmas they have lovely little gift sets for everyone so i would also try there

  • I've got my oh a microplane grater, hes wanted 1 for ages apparently they're amazin!! (he's a chef) and one of those jamie oliver flavour shakers, lo has got him a scarf and we're also doin a stockin
  • Well this year we don't have a lot of spare cash and we also don't have anything either of us particularly want. We decided to give each other a special gift which doesn't cost money - time. We have been so busy lately and seem to be just 2 people who live in the same house. Over the Christmas period we are going to make extra sure we have lots of time together as a couple and with lo as a family. I can't wait! Best Christmas pressie ever!

  • OH will get his main present from me christmas eve :lol:image

    Other than that so far he has got dressing gown, pj's, indianna jones boxset, socks, ck pants and some no 7 for men stuff he uses!! I've spent a fortune on him!! Between him and the 2 kiddies its gonna be heading towards 500 quid!! They're all so worth it though!!

  • anna banana that's a lovely present! if i hadn't already bought stuff 4 oh i would've nicked ur idea!
  • Have got him a cd, socks (couldn't not-it is a Christmas tradition!!) some shave gel/serum stuff, fancy chocs from his fav shop0God doesn't look like a lot does it? Might need to go shopping again! Dread to think what I'm getting been hinting for Mama Mia and perfume but doesn't normally work. Just looking forward to being a family but would like something to open on the day!x
  • My has a coat...hes wearing it now (he wouldnt let go of his old one!) and a top) too small neck so Ive got to take it back and find another one!). He has a shirt (already worn as apparently I hadnt got any clean ones for work apart from this one!) and a belt hanger from my daughter. Not very exciting but all stuff he needs rather than just random stuff! Its also his birthday just after Christmas. So as we haven't much money floating around. One will be bday the other Christmas.

    I dont know what he will get me. I did say to him do I need to buy a present from our daughter to me....he said well I havent had time yet. I do ope I get something. He forgot to get me a bday present from her when she was 6weeks old!

    I thought he was making me a card but I eventually had to ask at 10pm cos he didnt produce me with anything! Turns out I was wrong he forgot! Think I going to make obvious hints otherwise I will end up with nothing!

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  • oops..double post...sorry image

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  • Hi ya,

    well Ive bought my oh the new christian dior aftershave and balm, 3 cds, gift voucher for Game, gift voucher for his fave on line shop Howies and a chocolate selection box! He always says he doesnt need anything and im always like its xmas, its not about needing!

    Good lucki girls! xxx
  • I'm getting him a new watch. He's already asked for it so I can't go wrong! I might get him a few more bits though. There are loads of DVDs he wants. I hardly got him anything last year as I had ??50 to spend on everyone! x
  • The year Evie was born I felt so bad for him as we were all staying at my mum's house and Evie was 5 days old. I hadn't had the chance to get him anything as I just had a baby. While everyone else was opening mountains of prezzies all he had was a dressing down and slippers from my mum!!! lol bless him! xxx
  • ok well here OH is a big geek so he's getting...Gears Of War 2 (xbox game), The Dark Knight (DVD), Gears Of War Marcus figure, Gears Of War lighter, Gears Of War keyring, Superman cufflinks, cufflink box, Spiderman walkie-talkies (for him and JJ when he's older) and HOPEFULLY if i can afford it (if i get loads of money for my birthday tomorrow lol) i'll also be getting him the new Call Of Duty game for the xbox lol!
  • WE are not very flush at al this year so we have put a ??20 limit on the pressies and they will be 'from max' - I have bought hubbie a t-shirt and some days of the week socks that he has been banging on about wanting - exactl ??20. I am hoping for mamma mia on DVD and some new slippers- have dropped LOTS of hints :lol:
  • I STILL have nt thought about it lol he's mentioned he wants a new watch and sum boots, id love to get him both but just cant afford it, i think were gunna get a few little things to open xmas day n then go to jan sales, it might sound tight but we ll save loads of money, and living on child benefit with cars etc it aint gud lol, so were been tight this year lol x
  • Mrsjbourne, that sounds like my oh's best christmas! he is also a big geek!!!! but i have got him some oakley sunglasses to take on our honeymoon in september! and some bits, a tshirt, some minstrels and a dvd
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