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Oscar is mostly breastfed, but he does have a bottle of formula before bed and occasionally ebm. I'm having trouble witht he teats though. He has the Tommy Tippee closer to nature bottles in the first size, and i'm finding when he's feeding from them the teats are almost turning inside out - the 'nipple' of the teat is disappearing into the bottle and i have to keep taking him off and pulling it back out for him to eat. Has anyone else had this? Does anyone know what it could be? I thought it could be the teats so i threw them away and bought new ones and they're doing the same thing. Any suggestions would be gratefully received xxx


  • Hi hun, what age is your lo? what stage teats is he on? the tommee tipppee teats either suck into themselves because they either need a bigger holed teat or the vent is resting on his chin etc so the air cant flow. hope this helps. Oh and i forgot to say you cant go by the age for the teats eg no1 for 0-3 months no 23-6 and no 3 for 6 months +, Ellie was on no2 from 6 days old and no 3 from 2 months, it depends on how hungry your child is. x
  • He's 11 weeks but a very hungry baby - i've checked the vent is free so maybe he needs bigger teats - do you think to go up to he next size, or variflow? Whats the difference? Thanks xx
  • I would move him up to no 2 or no 3, no 2 are a bit useless really as not much differance from no1, i would buy one pack of no2 and one of no3 and see which he prefers, the variflow ones are crap. xxx
  • charlies to this from time to time and its just because the are sucking so hard and fast.
  • i reccommend the variflow teats,my lo is exclusively bf but on the odd occasion that me n hubbie av a night out and nana has her she has ebm in the closer to nature bottles and she has the variflow teats.The others used to suck in as she has a really strong suck and i have a fast let down so shes used to the milk flowing quite fast.The variflow are bigger teats too so bit more like a breast,saves money too rather than keep buying the different stages!the variflow just adjust to the speed your baby is sucking.Hope to have helped xx
  • I have used the variflow teats from when LO was about 6 weeks old as he was on hungry baby food and I couldnt get my head round the different stage teats. I cant recomend them enough. When I bought my first lot of replacement teats I had this problem (to the point where the teat came away from the bottle totally). When I checkedd them I found that the inside of the small valve was still sealed. Squeezed them to pop them open and they worked a treat after that. Check all replacements now when I get them out of the packaging.
  • millie is on the number 3 tommee tippe ones now but shes on cow and gate comfort so its thicker anyway shes 13 weeks. i tried the vary flow ones but they r much bigger teats not just the hole its alot wider and millie kept gagging on it so i stopped using them. xx
  • Variflo didnt work for us at all! I would change from no.1 to no.2 - I think we changed Gabe's teats at 10 weeks old and it made such a difference x
  • yep, my littlun is on no2 teats.......he kept collapsing the no1's!

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