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Gift for daddy?

Hi girlies, I want to get a pressie for my oh from our little boy (12 weeks) but dont have a clue what to get?
I really like the fingerprint impression jewelry but is out of my price range at the mo, do you have any ideas that are as personal but less pricey?



  • this is what my lo gave my hubby on fathers day...3 weeks old. On the back you personalise the mug with you childs name.
    You could get a mug done at bonusprint or somewhere similar with photo of lo?
    You could make him a card out of lkos hands i.e robin (hands the wings), christmas tree. Cut out photo of lo and put it inside a bauble.

    Buy some canvas cheap at the works or somewhere. paint los hands/feet with washable paint.
    A photoframe with daddy and lo in. a book mark with los hands/feet on. It doesnt ahve to be anything big. Something small and your oh will still be be touched by it image
  • They are some really lovely ideas thank you all so much
  • All my dh's presents are from me and lo but I did get some daddy bits on sale - a beer mug and pen. We got some nicwe pics taken of lo in a baby and toddler group and have got a frame for one for him to put on his desk at work.
  • thanks for the ideas girls, think im gonna go with a daddy and me frame with a nice pic of him and Connor in it
  • Check out hun they have some great gifts and some arent to expensive either i got my oh a mug with all pics on of Grace for fathers day he loves it and still show it to anyone who comes round!!!!

  • I got a mug from Snapfish for my OH from the kids for daddy's day too. He loves it, has pride of place on his desk.
  • Hiya!

    I just bought Nick a tshirt, its ace.....its black with 'This Daddy Belongs To Bella' written on it. I'm well impressed with it!

  • my OH is a carpenter and i have got him a chisel getting my daddy or love caitlin & robbie or we love you not sure yet x
  • Hi thanks for theadvice, in the end i got him a silver keyring, engraved with 'To daddy on our 1st xmas, all my love, Connor xxx'
    and it opens up and ive put a pic of him and connor in it

  • Awww that sounds lovely!! I'm sure he'll love it! image

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