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Dry skin

Lily has quite a lot of dry, peeling skin on her tummy and legs. It deosn't look nasty & it's clearly not bothering her but I was wondering if I should put something on it (Vaseline? Sudocrem?) or just leave it.

She's only 8 days old and has now had 3 baths. Do you think her skin's just getting used to the baby wash?

Thanks for your advice.


  • My Nathan's skin is just starting to clear up and he'll b 3 wks on Monday. Most newborns will have some form of dry skin, it's just where their skin is acclimatising to life on the outside!! All mine have had dry skin for 2 or 3 wks after birth. I use the Johnsons Naturals cream - smells lovely image
  • Congrats PTB, was away when you had Lily, hope it all went well!!!
    Archie had dry skin which stayed for a few weeks and we found baby oil after his bath did the trick. Also I don't bother with baby washes/ soaps- just dip him in water.
  • Frankie had this for the first few weeks. It just their skin getting used to not being in fluid all the time. I got a tub of E45 cream and it cleared up. HV suggested this.
  • It's pretty normal hun! As the others said its their skin getting used to being outside the womb. However, I'd personally advise only bathing her twice a week or so, and doing it in plain water, no baby bath or anything and just vaseline on the dry bits. Bathing definitely dries out their skin x
  • hey,

    firstly congratulations!

    secondly - my lo suffers with dry skin, my hv advised to put on diprobase, keep cotton next to her skin and bath in plain water. I tend to put sudacrem on her dry patches when I change her nappy.

    Similar to what tiger lily said - you dont need to bath her every day aslong as you top and tail her.

    Lisa and Louise
  • I agree with just using plain water for as long as you can stand it, although Oscar had very dry skin so we mixed a blob af aqueous cream into his bath water and washed him in that - it didn't rid it, it peeled off in it's own time, but it did help x
  • my HV nearly had a heart attack when i asked if i could use vaseline cuz its not good for them...sudocrem will make the skin dryer so don't use HV wrote me a prescription for Aqueous cream and it's good but e45 is better and safe to use...i also use Johnsons baby moisturising cream x
  • I used olive oil on Emilys skin, now she is a little older we use Johnsons naturals cream its really lovely.
  • my hv told me to use olive oil as it works relly well and is natural, I was quite shocked when she said it but it's done the trick
  • Ok, thanks! (and thanks for the congrats). I'm not bathing her every day, but I am using baby bath wash, so I'll try cutting that out and using baby oil or olive oil.

    Why does Sudocrem make their skin drier, mrsjbourne? I use Sudocrem on Lily's bottom every so often and it seems fine...?
  • Hi PTB congratulations on the birth of Lilly
    Fraser had dry skin was told to put nothing on him and not bath him unless nessecary dry skin went within a week.
    Hope your feeling well following the birth
  • Congratulations. Archie was really dry and flaky when he arrived and we used olive oil on him and it sorted him out in no time. I put a wee bit of baby oil in the bath too but to be honest it made him so slippery and as I wasn't an expert at bathing him in the early days I stopped doing it cos I thought he was gonna slip out of my hands. Anyway, olive oil will do best I think. S x
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