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Suddenly feeding more during night!

Frankie is 7 weeks old and since we brought her home from hospital she has only had one feed during the night. She is ff and would have her last bottle at 10/10.30 then wake at 2 before going down again until 6. For the past week though this has gone out the window. She still has her last bottle at 10/10.30 but is now waking for a feed at 1am and 4am. She only has a couple of ounces before falling asleep again. She also doesnt seem to settle as well as she used to and is making lots of noise during the night.

Does anyone know why she would start doing this? I know they have a growth spurt around 6 weeks but shes seems to have passed that. Any ideas on how i get her to have only 1 feed again? I thought she was getting ready to drop the night feed cos she started sleeping up to 6 hours during night but no such luck


  • i really have no advice hun cuz JJ has been so easy from the start, all i can suggest is, like katie said, putting her dummy in or just giving her water...JJ sometimes wakes at 1am and i just give him his dummy and he settles right back off to sleep...do you think you could try and get her to take a bigger feed before bed so she goes longer? JJ took 10oz the other night and then slept for 13 hours image !! hope u get it sorted x

    p.s. have u tried putting a lightbulb in ur mouth yet? :lol:
  • She is on size 3s so its not the teats. Think i will try her with water. Shes obviously not very hungry cos she is not crying for more (she lets you know when she hungry).

    No mrsjbourne i have not tried to put a lightbulb in my mouth but i have been yawn raping people - its fun!!!
  • I agree with maybe changing teats? worth a try, also u could give the hungry baby milk a go? i hope u find something that works 4 u!

  • :lol: i forgot all about that one!!
  • it could just be a growth spurt,fingers crossed it will pass soon! they do like throwing the spanners in the wrks ust as we think we have them sussed dnt they!!
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