3rd Meals Help!!!

Can I just ask? When you were weaning your lo's, how old were they when you intrduced a 3rd meal to them?

George will be 21 weeks on tues, And has been having 2 small meals a day, lunch and tea. and 4 or 5
7-9oz bottles a day.

I wanted to get him on 3 meals and then build up the amount of food he is having. Is this the right thing to do? Has anyone got any other advise about weaning?



  • Thats the right thing to do. Reduce his milk if need be to increase his appetite! No advice as am a bit rubbish at it all myself! I bought annabel karmels book and have folowed that. Good luck!
  • I intoduced a 3rd meal at about 20/21 weeks - she is 22 weeks now. (my time related memory has gone very mushy lol). I offer her food 3 times a day but don't worry about how much she eats at each as I feel that milk is her most important food at the moment - she is bf so more ifficult to tell exactly how much she has at each feed! i plan to increase the amount she eats from 6 months.
  • Thanks for the replies, I think I might start him on 3 next week, and see how he gets on with them!
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