teething or separation anxiety?

Charlotte is now 11 months and up to Sunday night has been sleeping fantastic for a few months. In bed at 7.30, straight out then awake at about 8am. However Sunday night she was unsettled and was awake for 2 hours literally screaming the house down. We did all the usual things, take temp, check nappy, gave her Calpol, even tried her with some milk (which she did not want). Eventually we just had to put her down and leave her as when we were cuddling her she was smiling so we knew it wasn't anything serious. Last night I put her down to sleep and within 30 mins was screaming the place down. I had given her Calpol before her bath just in case as she is teething loads (5 teeth in a month)! I managed to eventually shush her to sleep by using the talk back on the baby monitor.

Do you think this is just down to her teething or maybe a phase of separation anxiety? I shushed her on the bm last night as when I go into the room then leave it makes her cry even more. She is suffering with her teething poor thing. I've just put her down for her nap and she screamed for a couple of minutes then went to sleep. OH lowered her mattress to bottom level on Sunday but we don't think it's that (trying to eliminate everything)!

I don't want her screaming again tonight as oh was away last night and not back until late Thursday!


  • You poor thing! How were things last night?
    Eoin was exactly like this when teething not long ago... he usually goes straight off and not a peep till morn but he did the same as you described with your LO, and we do think it was the teething in the end. But I wouldnt disregard your comment about lowering the cot, babies notice the smallest change... and it probably gave her a bit of a different 'view' to normal and may have niggled her a bit, good luck. hopefully shes back to normal xxx
  • Well......put her to bed and she screamed as soon as I left the room so I pottered about upstairs for a bit then I heard her splutter & cough. So I quickly checked on her and she had been a bit sick in her cot (shame as she had for once drunk all her milk). So without making a fuss I changed everything put her back in bed. She started crying again so I went downstairs and shushed her on the baby monitor. Took her about 30 mins to go to sleep so not too bad I suppose. It's such a shame she's like this as she has been so good recently. I suppose she's spoilt us!! Also we are going to stay at pil's over Xmas so I'm starting to dread that in case this problem gets worse. I'm hoping she'll get so much fuss from everyone she'll be knackered and go straight to sleep.

    I'm trying not to make a big deal of this with her as that will make it worse. That's why I'm using the baby monitor instead of going upstairs all the time. Now she's coming up to year old I don't want her to get used to us running to her every whim. I know that might sound cruel but I'm a bit strict on bed-time and I want her to keep being used to settling by herself as much as possible.
    I really don't know what is causing this sudden change at bed-time. She has had 5 teeth come thru in about 4-5 weeks so that might be it. She's also a bit clingy during the day, always wanting me when I'm around so could be the separation she hates. I don't know! When I put her down for her nap earlier she cried when I left the room but settled down after 5 mins or so, so that was an improvement.
    I don't really know why I'm going on like this as it's not a huge problem, not like some other mums have on here!!

    I knew I should have kept quiet last week when I told a friend how brilliant Charlotte was at bed-time - lol!!
  • Bless you... it is worrying when they suddenly 'change' and we cant understand why! Im also strict with bedtimes like you, I would rather Eoin cry and settle himself than rely on me popping in and out constantly and I have found it worked a treat, he is a brilliant sleeper now. On the occasion where he does cry for a while oh says "are you going to pat him off or anything..'tut'" After Id already explained to him the sleeptime tecniques I was using!! I hope she settles into the routine again soon for you hun. We found that Eoin settled straight back after the teething settled. The only things we found MASSIVELY upset his sleep were th12 & 13 month jabs!!! xxxx
  • Thanks Palmtree xxx
  • Last night she went straight to sleep at 7.30 (well, after a few wimpers), then woke at 8.30 this morning!
    Hope she does the same tonight.
    I had a letter come thru from the docs too about having her 12 month booster jabs too at start of Jan -a few days before her party. Hope it doesn't upset her too much and her sleeping again!
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