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Breastfeeding but LO wont take the bottle!!!!AARRHHHH

Hi, Anyone out there having problems with getting LO to take expressed/formula out of a bottle? My LO is 15 weeks and we have tried the 1 bottle each day at the same time...and she did take it until the Saturday night 12am while i was having my first nite out!!!

Hubby tried for over 30 mins to give her the milk i had left but she wouldn't entertain it at all!!! So since then she wont even try to suck the bottle!!

She doesn't have a dummy either, gags if i try to put one in her mouth...but she is using me as the alternative when she is tried!!!

I feel so tied at the moment so feel like just doing the cold turkey approach and stopping breastfeeding all together...but i dont want to!

I just want her to take a bottle if i have to leave her with someone...for some me time!

Any advice appreciated:\?


  • hey,

    My lo is the same. She'll very rarely take a bottle, it doesn't matter if it is emb or formula.

    You could try changing the bottle - the nuk one or mam has been ok for us. But, she would choke on a tomme tippe one.

    Louise is 22 weeks and if I go out she'll take just a couple of oz's and only if she can sit in her bouncy chair and hold it and feed herself! I think she takes just enough to stop her feeling hungry! I do then though find she feeds more at night to play catch up....

    You could also try using a beaker.

    Also, we found that it was best to not give in and breastfeed if she refused a bottle, just persist with the bottle and she'd eventually give in.

    Don't stop breastfeeding at all if you dont want to!

    Oh, and also, I make sure I breastfeed her just before I go out so I know she wont be too hungry and it doesn't matter so much if she doesn't have much formula.

    Cant help on the dummy bt though as Louise has one, other than again, trying a different one, and mayve leaving it around her like a toy as she may put it inher mouth herself - Louise has been putting it in herself for a few weeks or chewing the edge as she's teething!

    hope this helps in anyway?

    And, welcome to BE! you'll find there's lots of other helpful and friendly mums keen to give/take advice and chat about random things!
  • have you tried the closer to nature bottles by tomme tippe...they are meant to represent the nipple, so the teats/bottles are larger. My lo will only take ebm from these bottles. xxx

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