does anyone use?

Huggies little walkers?

i dont get them bought them in tesco yesterday coz they were so cheap normally use tesco pull ups or pampers pull ups

they both have the tab on the back to seal the dirty nappy. little walkers dont. i dont know which way around they are supposed to go or how to seal them when thye are dirty??

any help wud be apreciated! xx


  • I've used them a few times with my son so I will try and help but it was a while ago now. If I remember rightly they have tigger or pooh on them. If you look on one side it should have the front of either tigger or pooh and the other side it should have the size number and the back of either tigger or pooh. (this is the back) With doing them up afterwards if i'm correct there are blue sticky things that hold them together at the sides. When I use to take them off I would undo them there then roll up like a normal nappy and do it up with the blue stcky pads.
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