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ladies who lunch-lol

My silly lo has taken to refusing her lunch unless I do half an hour trek to town with her,sit her in a highchair in costa coffee opppsite escalator and a big sparkly Christmas tree,then she will stare happily at the people and lights and will eat whwtever i put in front of her.I am not joking.She started to refuse food,but ate nicely when out christmas shopping one day couple of weeks ago,so few daus later I was desperate a nd took her out again as i have tried everything else and it worked again.So now we do it nearly every day,if i dont,she wont eat.She is not fussy about where to have her breakfast and dinner,thanks God.


  • That is hilarious!!! Poor you what a pain that must be. I have nothing useful to add but it really made me laugh.
  • Well,what the hell do I do when they take the Christmas tree down?How do I know the escalator alone will be enough to satisfy her social needs?Lol!!!!!!!!!!!
  • When I started weaning my son I was working in my hotel and the time he ate was when the cleaner's son came to collect her. He used to have to sing and dance to make my son eat.

    I also had a friend whose daughter would only eat in the local post office. So she used to take her there to eat her breakfast, lunch and dinner.
  • My son has to have something to disctract him when he eats, it drives me bonkers, I usually give him a spoon which he plays with and will happily eat no probs, but he now throws it on the floor all the time and wants me to pick it up all the time!!
  • Lol!! My friends lo will only eat her tea if watching In the night garden at the same time!
  • Oh dear! How funny but also annoying for you!

    Louise does like to have a toy to play with or watch tv.....eating is obviously not exciting enough on it's own!
  • I sometimes have to give Charlotte a spoon to play with or some finger food to distract her.
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