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when did you get your nursing bra before/after baby born

im 35 wks sat, is this too early to get measured? and do you wear yours at night too?


  • Hi, I got a couple of nursing bras around that time and they were fine. Might be an idea to buy a couple now and maybe some more after. I found that for the first few weeks my boobs were huge but once my milk supply settled they went down in size (probably back to the 35ish wks size). I wore a bra and breast pads at night for a while as otherwise would have soaked the bed. But once the milk supply settled and I wasn't leaking I found I could go braless at night again! Hope that helps a bit.x
  • I got mine before - 39 wks I think. They say 36 wks on. Faye is 5 wks and I still need bra & pads for bed
  • I got mine after the birth (only because I wasn't organised, but I'm glad I waited as my boobs did get a lot bigger when my milk came in).

    Lily is 2 weeks old now and I'm wearing breast pads at all times of the day & night because I leak unpredictably :roll: It's especially bad in bed, where my boobs get squished.

    Am hoping to go braless like Missymoo asap as I don't like bras in bed :evil: But for the time being that's not an option.

    If it helps, I have 6 nursing bras and any fewer wouldn't be enough.
  • Hi i got mine before i had the baby, i dont think it will be too early to be measured now, just be aware that your boobs will be huge for the first few weeks but settle back down!
    I have really leaky boobs as while i was pregnant i had to wear breast pads at night and still do now, but i never wore a nursing bra to bed, i bought a sports bra crop top type and stuck the pads in there at night.
  • I got mine about week before LO was born (hurray for ebay!). My boobs did get bigger when my milk came in, and have not gone down yet, in fact I've just bought more in a bigger cup size! I have to wear a bra and pads to bed or else I wake up soaked even now (nearly 18 weeks on) Make sure you get them with a comfy band around the top of your ribs, otherwise it's soooo uncomfortable at night!
  • When you milk comes in they'll grow bigger so it might be better to wait as a tight bra is not good for milk supply. When lo is a week old is the best time as you milk should be fully in by then which means you'll be accurately measured. The mothercare ones are great as they're nice and flexible meaning when baby has had a feed and boobs are smaller they'll accommodate them and stretch when they swell with milk again xoxoxo
  • I got mine about a week or two before lo was born, and they've been fine, I got ones which had a little bit of room so they weren't too tight when my milk came in.

    Most of the time though I wear the bfing vests from mothercare, or the sleep bras, I find them more comfy. But I don't need too much support, I imagine the vests might not work so well for a fuller figure! And I'm really lucky that I don't need to wear anything at night as I don't leak.
  • i got some at about 30 weeks then when LO was about 6 weeks and BF established I treat myself to some Elle Mcpherson intimate ones. they are lovely. they have a lace panel that stays over the boob when you are feeding. I thought with all the money I was saving that I deserved a treat.

    I wear one all the time. Day and night. Breast pads too just incase. amelia is 10 months next week and still feeding.

    good luck

    d xxx
  • i got mine after having grace and my breasts did go up a size so im glad i didnt waste the money beforehand! i did get a couple of clipdown vest tops and took those into hospital.I still wear bras in bed and i only stopped using breast[pads about a mth ago as iv always leaked alot and grace is over 7mths old xxx
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