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i was recently in a car accident with my children and partner (we're all okay) and i hurt my right hand and i am finding it really hard to conintue breasting feeding as i can't hold my young fella close enough as i am in a splint (support) and everytime i try and feed it hurts my nipple cuz he doesn't latch on properly..................I would be so greatful for all and any information as i wish to continue for as long as possible to breast feed him......................
Thank you for listening
frm mel


  • I didn't bf my lo for very long so Im not an expert but I saw someone in Tescos walking around with a baby in one of those wrap around sling things and it was bfing but she wasn't using any hands. I thought it looked amazing bfing and doing the weekly shop with a toddler in the trolley, talk about a multi-tasker lol!!!
    perhaps you could look into something like that?
  • Hey. I have one of those slings, mine is a freedom one from ebay and you can (and i do) walk around with baby latched on.

    I would suggest getting a feeding pillow, a good firm c shaped (rather than v shaped) they sell them in mothercare as they can support baby without you needing to hold him. It takes a bit of getting used too, also have you tried a rugby ball position as you could then use your left hand. xx
  • When I feed my LO at night I just lay her down sideways alongside me and feed her practically in my sleep, no arms - would something like that work for you?
  • I would try lying down to feed.I did a lot of this with my daughter.I had a bad back and was very sore after the birth so it helped me to carry on with b/f otherwise I think i would have given up.Plus you get to have a rest.I would also try a feeding cusion or just use a lot of pillows.

    xxx good luck xxxxxxx
  • I would def agree with laying and feedin - we do this each night with no hands. I also work at a desk a lot and need both hands - I use a regular pillow from my bed on my lap and she lays ontop - I prefer fethered pillows as they mold to her shape with no movement. I call it her princess pillow - she looks so content on it.

    Wish you luck
  • thanks all ur advice has helped alot it's still diffcult
    to bf but i am coping better merry xmas to you all
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