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Does anyone get painful letdown?

My lo is 7 1/2 months and i still suffer from painful letdown where it makes me wince and have to put pressure on my other boob to make it more comfortable. It isnt very painful like it used to be as i have got used to it but its still pretty uncomfortable for those first few 10 seconds or so. I thought i wouldn't be experiencing this so far on?
Just wondered if anyone suffers from this too or am i odd?! xx


  • It's early days for me yet (Lily is 15 days old) but I get a quite unpleasant tight, tingling feeling which I think is letdown.

    Sorry, I haven't been much help as I think you were after answers from people who've been feeding for longer than me :roll:
  • hi ive been feeding for 3 months now and still get an uncomfortable feeling in my breasts when my milk lets down, its occasionally painful when my breasts are paticually full.
    Hope that helps
  • Hi, mine used to be quite uncomfortable when Kyra was a few weeks old. It has settled down now and I just feel a slight squeezing sensation, which I hardly notice now. Maybe you should have a word with your HV and ask about this - it shouldn't be painful to might be thrush or beginning of mastitis...? xoxox
  • hi
    amelia is 10 months nearly. At first I felt like cut glass was coming out my boobs.....ow!!!!!!!!!!!!! Now its still a bit sore and tingly but its passes in seconds.
    d xx
  • The let down is the muscles inside your boobs contracting to squeeze the milk through the ducts and out the nipple. I guess some have it worse than others!
  • Thank you for your replies, sorry i should of mentioned on my post that im feeding further on. Thank u for the advice yummy mummy image
    My HV is lovely but i find she isnt very good on bf advice and the breastfeeding group i go 2 is finished now until next year but will mention it to the support worker there nxt time... it was just one of those random things that got me thinking when i was giving my lo his bedtime feed. I mentioned it to my other bf friends and they havent experienced it. Ive googled about it this evening and it may be that i im one of those that produce slightly too much milk maybe? it may also be partly the reason why i've come down with mastitis 3 times before as i seem to be prone to it but thankfully i know at the moment it isnt!
    Thanks ladies
  • i get a uncomfortable letdown too,it seems worse sometimes than others.Grace is just over 7 mths aswell and i find that the morning feed seems to be the strongest letdown and im assuming this is because im fullest and she has a big feed then.Do you notice its worse at certain feeds?When she was younger it used to be really quite painfull and id get quite warm,felt like lots of pressure as though both breasts were gonna burst!!funny things rnt they boobs!! xx
  • Yeah thats just what im feeling in my boobs and find it is slightly worse in the mornings most of the time. Boobs are funny things, i remember how freaked i was when i first felt a letdown as its a feeling like nothing before! but i often think how great they are that they do such a thing like have little muscles in there to squeeze milk out of ducts... and make milk of course! clever things
  • I know exactly what you mean. My lo is now 8 weeks and the let down reflex is much more painful this time than it was with my daughter nearly 3 years ago. Do any of you have really spurty boobs? I find my right one especially has a mind of its own. Once it has decided to let down that's it - either my breast pad is soaking wet or my lo is trying to dodge the three jets spurting into his face like water pistols! :lol:

    Boobs really are amazing - I love the thought that at this stage a baby grows so well on just booby juice. My lo had his first taste of something different this week (calpol after his jabs) and he wasn't impressed!
  • Yep - first thing in the morning when my boobs are full the let down is stronger. I have sprayed Kyra in the eye many times! Poor thing...but it's meant to be good for eyes and eye infections x x x
  • haha! yeah i have spurty boobs hence why i still have to where breast pads, i've spent a fortune on them i now wish i had bought re-useables! When my lo had a gunky eye, i was told to squirt some milk in the eye and it had cleared up by the next day, marvelous stuff! xx
  • I can't live without them breast shields! I got lots of milk and forceful letdown (milk still flows out of Hugo's mouth for the first 3 - 5 mins). he is 15 weeks now. The letdown feeling is sometimes worse than other times, sometimes there is no uncomfy feeling at all ...

    And the shields - am reluctant to use the reusable ones as they help spread thrush and we had it. So now I change the disposable ones after every feed .....
  • Ooooh, I get this too! Like a build up of pressure like it's going to burst, then it passes. Don't think it's anything to worry about. xxx
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