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when to introduce water/baby juice?

Hi all,

i'm going to eygpt in march next year and keira will be 6 months the day before we go. i am breast feeding and my goal was to bf till christmas. well xmas is here and i'm not prepared to give it up. i'm enjoying it too much, plus it will be so much easier when we are away. but i was just thinking ahead and wondered if i should introduce water/baby juice before we go for when we are out there? i don't plan to wean onto solids until i get back. unless she decides bm isn't enough i will only introduce baby rice. keira is my third baby but the only one i have breast fed. i struggled with my other two and gave up within 2 weeks so its really all new to me? my other two daughters were both on solids by 16 weeks.

any advice would be helpful.



  • hi hun,if your lo is on just breastmilk and wont be having solids then you wnt need to give water or juice as your bm will adjust to the climate/temp and will be enough to quench her hunger and thirst.I didnt introduce water to grace until she started eating solids.Obviously its your decision but just wanted to warn that alot of the juices claiming to be baby juioe still has a lot of sugar in them!hope you have a fab time in egypt xxx
  • Hi i didnt introduce water until my lo was having meals & im not going to give him juice just yet.
    I'm pretty sure you wont need to give your lo any other fluids other than just breast milk if your exclusively breastfeeding as like hollysmum+bump says your breast milk will adapt to the climate, you just may find that your lo may possibly want to feed more to quench their thirst. Hope you have a lovely holiday! xx
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