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Hi all,

After some advice off you experienced mummies!

One of my nipples is really sore and whilst it is improving, cos of regular feeding it becomes irritated again. I was thinking of expresing on this side and feeding from the other for a couple of days until my nipple has healed. (I think it was just sore from bad positioning when Jonny was born (now 2 weeks old). Does this sound like something that would work?

Also when expressing, how much should be given to the baby per feed? and if you are storing it in the fridge do you just warm up by putting bottle in jug of warm water?

Finally if you want to freeze it in say an ice cube tray do you just need to sterilise the tray first and then place in the freezer as normal?

Sorry so many questions but new at this and havent got a clue!!!

Cheers guys


  • Hiya,

    When i was in the early days of feeding my nipples were very sore, but my midwives advised me to feep feeding and feed through it, as it would toughen up quicker. I used lansinoh cream before and after eery feed, to help healing, but you can also use nipple shields. i never did but i know people that have that it's worked for.

    If you do express i would imagine you'd need about 3/4 oz per feed, but every baby is different. You would just warm it by putting it in some hot water.

    And yes, sterilse the ice cube tray and pop in freezer. you can get breastmilk bags which i use and fine easier as no messing about with sterilising.

  • hey,

    I used nipple sheilds when mine were sore some learning how to feed. They wprked great and I didn't need them for more than a week while they recovered. Was a pain to sterilise them each time so she had the odd direct feed too. I agree too about using some good cream to help.

    you may also find that if your using a breastpump it will still hurt.

    cant be much help on the amount to give as my lo hates bottles and will only take the minumum amount she needs.

  • Hi, i had the same problem as you, i had a split on one nipple on one side and i was too scared to feed from that side because of the pain, so i started to to use nipple shields and they helped me loads, then to get things going again a few days later i started to express and now nearly 3 weeks later its not painful at all. So expressing for a few days worked for me to get over sore nipple so its worth a try. I'd express about 4 oz to be safe and to warm it up all the have to do is add bottle to a jug of hot water like you said but be careful it only take a few mins to warm up small feeds, (i always left them in too long) You can also buy freezer bags that are already sterile for breast milk if your worried about sterilising ice cube trays.

    Nat x
  • i have done all the thing the other ladies have done and it has all helped with pains i have had, but the one tip i got from another mummy at baby massage was when expressing you get more milk if you can get a good rythem going like your baby would if the were feeding,( ihave a hand pump) i found it has really helped in the amount i have managed to express.
    love fiona and hayden 11wks
  • It is really reassuring to know other new mums have the same troubles I had.
    Like most of the other mums here I fed through the pain of the sore nipples, and would swear on the lansinoh cream.
    I have avent breast shells, which came with vented and non vented covers. The vented ones I would wear between feeds to prevent my clothes irritating and causing extra pain.
    Once I began expressing, I steralise the non vented shels and use them to collect leaking milk, which can be added to the milk collected when expressing.
    I think it is all mostly trial and error, and it is nice to know other mums go through the same things as it can be really disheartening.
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