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Traditional drinks at christmas

What is the drink you always buy at christmas even if you don't normally drink them?

We will always make sure we have a bottle of baileys in even though neither of us really loves it. It's just for any guests really.
I love to have a full drinks cupboard of allsorts just so anyone who calls round has something to drink but oh moans it's a waste!
I am always compelled to have bacardi, JD & vodka in ust in case too :lol:


  • Champagne! Although we do drink champagne or Cava all year round as it is my favourite. Christmas morning without a glass of bucks fizz is completely un-imaginable :lol:
  • i love baileys and that tends to be my christmas treat. My PIL always go way over board on the booze at christmas and will buy everybody there own drink, either a bottle of spirits... or a crate of beer or what have you, the family only go round for one day and none of us are huge drinkers so theres always tonnes left over and they spend months finishing it off! i think it's such a waste of money, and always tell them i don't want anything and i'll just pinch a couple of OH's cans!
  • My new favourite drink is Disaronno on ice...mmmmmmm
  • mmm yummy mummy i forgot to mention that one - i love disaronno!! yum yum. it's gorgeous with cranberry juice, if you make sure it's a double, it tastes like marzipan. yum yum.
  • Well ive bought some Champers this year to have on Xmas Morning!also got a mulled wine kit so i can make some to have on Xmas Eve!!
    Usually its Baileys and for afew yrs my mum always got that Sheridans..the black and white drink!!lol
  • Anything really!! Baileys is a good one.
    Try it poured over vanilla ice-cream then top with crushed Maltesers - mmmmmm yummy!!
    We'll be at the in-laws over Xmas and they'll have every drink under the sun there.
  • Baileys is my all-time favourite image In fact when people asked me what I wanted for Christmas this year I said "Baileys" (having not been able to drink for 9 months) - it's going to be a good Christmas! :lol:
  • im loving tia maria at the mo so got that in as well as vodka white wine and some beer for the blokes! my mum usually always gets advoka which i do like and oh ameretto yum yum!damn 4got to get some!lol
    iv not seen sherry mentioned!thats usually a hit with the grandmas isnt it xx
  • I love Baileys but only with loads of ice! If no ice then forget it! Mmmm baileys.
    I'm not a big drinker either really. I'm more partial to a nice cold beer in the summer than anything else! xx
  • mmm, do love Baileys, did my boozy xmas shopping on sunday and got some in.
    always have to have Advocaat and Lemonade at xmas as well but suddenly realise that have forgotten to buy both!!! BOO HOO!
  • lol spedshaw...thats exactly why i love it now! every xmas my nan would throw a lil party and all us kids would be allowed one diliute advocaat and lemonade. I would drink my brothers and sisters drinks too!!!!
    hmmm, do like a nice drop of port too actually!
  • i love red wine, jd and coke, sherry!!!! will prob have a glass of cava on xmas day.

    38+ 1
  • My mil Always makes me have a sherry with her on xmas day no matter what time it is!This year though im afraid its j20s for me!LOL.
    My usual is a bottle of baileys and enjoyed the disaronno last year too,its quite nice mixed together give it a try!
    Think baileys is getting the majority vote here tho isnt it?!.
  • e've got our xmas booze in - just a couple of cases of strongbow for hubby, a case of boddies for the grandads (who are both driving so ill only have one each anyway) and red and white wine for us. My gran has port and lemonade, and my sister has a snowball, so thats it for us at xmas...

    having said that in the shop where I work they are selling masses of harvey's bristol cream, baileys and port, also lots of croft and babycham image

  • Ooh yes, sherry too, and snowballs! (that's what you call advocaat & lemonade, isn't it?) Mmmmmm.
  • Mulled wine!!! and lots ov it! Dissarano is lush too! southern comfort goes down nicely aswell. Im guna enjoy myself this year having spent 3 out of the last 4 christmas's pregnant!!! x x x
  • Oooh i must sound like a right boozey mixer! I only had a very weak snowball last year - felt really drunk anyways so wooo! Lol. but this year - as i haven't drunk anything at all since last year i'm planning on having - a small glass of baileys on ice, a tiamaira and coke, a snowball, and some cranberry and something image haven't decided what yet lol. I think i might be rather merry tomorow evening! Watch out girls! Here i come!!! xxxx
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