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mille use to have such a relaxing bath time now...

all she does is splash! her legs and arms go crazy and she will splash from the moment she gets in til she gets out! she loves it and i get soaked haha. she also trys to roll in the bath! also does whenever i change her nappy she just rolls over onto her side and its a nighmare getting her to stay still!! shes 16 weeks xxx


  • Poppy used to do this at the same age! I bought a non slip bath mat and let her roll over - she loved it and was one of the only times she liked being on her tummy!!
  • maybe its a girl thing lol xx
  • Gabe loves to splash. We have taken him out of the baby bath and now he goes in the big bath with me as in the baby bath it was ridiculous....there was no water left in it after 2 minutes!! He doesn't roll as he is generally very lazy but sits up and whacks the water with both hands lol.
  • Bless her, Amber loves to splash she soaks her daddy all the time and just laughs. I have her in a bath support as when she comes in with me she tries to break free lol!! xx
  • i use to go in with millie but she likes to go in on her own now! i have a foam thing that lays in the bath that i just lay her on, i rolled her over onto her tummy earlier and she started laughing! no i dea what at??! maybe it was cos a bubble went up her nose haha xx
  • LMAO I know how you feel my son just goes absolutely mental splashing ans soaking everything within about a 3 meter radius!!! He is 9 months now and he stands up in the bath then THROWS himself down into the water on his bum and practically creates a tsunami!!! oh he also leans forward and sucks up the bath water to make a funny noise but usually end up gagging on it and abruptly stops!!!
    Has anyone taken their lo's swimming? and did they like it?!?
    Hannah xxx
  • I have took Lo swimming twice, once at 3 months, once at 5 months and he loved it but I think he would enjoy it even more now!xx
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