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Hi everyone!
Im 39 weeks pregnant and Ive just been to the loo and have a light pink goo coming out - could this be a show? Ive had backache and little pains for a couple of days.
Thanks for any help
Gill xx


  • i had my show at 39 weeks, and mine didnt have any blood in it,like urs. mine was just like clear jelly. so it does sound like it!! it doesnt always mean labour is starting tho. i went into labour at 40+3. xx
  • Aww I was so hoping id go into labour soon! oh well, thanks for the help xxxxxx
  • hi, i've been looking up the same thing all expert advice says it can be anything from a couple of days to a couple of weeks after a show. everyone's different hun. try walking lots and plenty of sex if your hoping to go in soon. thats the only things i've known to work. good luck and merry christmas xx:\)
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