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I going to the NEXT sale is anyone going

HI i am just of to next sale i am going to have some me time is there anyone else going?


  • Good luck!!!!
    I just tried to get on thier website and ther was a 20 min queue on there alone!!
  • God you are soooooo brave! Am useless in Sales my brain goes to mush and I buy the most ridiculous things just coz they're cheap. Last year an orange jumper???????? Have to say that was never worn in public!! Hope you get some good stuff!x
  • I just checked the website there now and there is a 19 min queue. I don't think I will wait there. I am going to go to the shop later but there will probably be nothing left. I would love to have went this morning but there was no way that I was going at 5am especially as my husband is working all day today so I would have then and wouldn't be able to snooze at all.
  • I've just been on and got some new stuff image I only had to queue for 5 mins which is great, my friend was waiting for hours to get in the doors this morning!!

  • Hi girls we go there about 10.30 and still loads good stuff just got back with 3 BIG bags i got some lovely stuff for me and faith i look on the website yesterday there was not much there so why end at shops
  • I was there by 8:30am and got loads of stuff for me, hubby, matthew, chloe and tamzin. got about ??600 worth for under ??300.


    kerry xxx
  • lovely would try n pop in 2morow need a few stuff 4 myself
  • Well I went up this afternoon and I got some lovely stuff although a lot of it was picked over. Got some lovely fleece stuff and trousers. The town was mental though. Worse than before Xmas. So much for a credit crunch lol.
  • We went today but to be honest am not too big on the sales as hate it when places are busy especially when you have lo in the pushchair and you can barely move down the isles, drives me nuts!
    Managed to get a few bits for Kade for next year but only spent about ??35 so should have been about ??70 quids worth.
  • i went today at 1ish and wasnt actually too busy, i didnt spend too much tho as most of their stuff wasnt very nice and the things that i did like werent the right sizes. xx
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