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Which baby book?....

...did you get to help you on what to do with your new born baby. this is my first and i am keen to get in to a routine. i have been recommended by people either 'the contented little baby' book or 'the baby whisperer'

do any of you experts have any suggestions?

thanks xx


  • Hi hun, I got the baby whisperer book but to be honest we kind of ended up doing our own thing rather than going exactly by the book. We did pick up one or two tips but generally did what we though best through what we learned from our little boy.

    The books are great for some parents though if you are wanting to follow a specific routine.
  • Hi Ellisy and congratulations!
    I liked the Contented Little Baby book but like Louise& Kade said we didn't follow it so closely as lo's are all different. But we did find lots of explanations of why he was doing certain things at certain ages, how to structure the day and if I was and am ever unsure I have a look.
    Maybe have a look at both as it also depends on you too-maybe borrow one from someone? Good luck and hope you find something that suits you and your lo. x
  • Hi Ellisy
    Well I ended up buying both the books as i'm a first time mum too, read them from cover to cover when pregnant and followed neither when Dylan was born!!! That said, there are some good hints & tips in both, so my advice would be to buy both from ebay or Amazon 2nd hand for as little as poss, so you can then decide which routine is best for you & LO! I do still refer to them for ideas/suggestions.
    Good luck with everything, it such an exciting time, nothing really describes it.
    Sarah xxx
  • Thanks ladies. I think i'll go into town today to see if waterstones have them and take a look. I just feel like i need to read something, as it seems quite frightening with it being my first. I've still got a way to go yet as am only 18 weeks.

    Thanks again xx
  • One book we found really helpful was 'What to expect the first year'. It's not really about routines, but it does have loads of useful info about different topics and is great to use as a reference book to check when you are worried about something. It also has the developmental milestones, what they should be able to do after each month.
  • i bought Jo frosts confident baby care. not about routines so much but its sectioned into 0-3, 3-6, 6-9 and 9-12 months and just has handy advice and serves as a good pount of referral. the most important thing to look for in a book is somthing you can pick up when needed and flick through for wont have time to read anything cover to cover when your baby arrives.

    my friend had a very difficult time and bought gina fords contented baby book. she loved it but i never felt we needed it with cameron. its a good idea to have a read but dont overwhelm yourself with it all.
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