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did anyone have natural birth after placenta bleeding/probs

im told i can have a natural birth after having a small placental bleed and now that my previous low lying placenta has moved up. has anyone else experienced a natural birth after these experiences?


  • Hi I had a low lying placenta with my 2nd baby which was a big nuisance as I wanted a home birth! I had a bleed at about 36 weeks but baby was fine and the placenta moved sufficiently out of the way. I went into labour naturally 11 days late and by the time I got to the hospital an hour after my waters broke I was fully dilated. I ended up with a forceps delivery as he was face up and 10lbs 3 1/2 oz and didn't want to come out but otherwise everything was fine.
    You should be ok unless there are any other problems or bleeds. xx
  • i have been told my placenta is now no longer low lying,so i can have natural birth,although i had a bleed after it had moved due to small placental abruption,please god no more!
  • with my first had a bleed 1 wk before due date which stopped then again 1 day before they broke my waters and she was born pretty damm quick, 5 hrs only which was quicker than i could keep up with. So far no issues with this 2nd one he wont come out at all due date today and no action but then no bleeding so cant complain. Hannah xxx
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