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Rude dreams!

Hi girls! Hope everyone is ok. I haven't been able to get online for about a week now so it feels good to be back!
I'm worried that i'm turning into a dirty old woman! I'm 6+6 today and one of my symtoms has been rude dreams. I'm getting them every night and they quite often involve Howard from Take That (and hubby occasionally!). I know i should be thankful that i have got this and not the dreaded morning sickness but i am a little shocked about how graphic they are! Does anyone else get this or am i just strange!


  • Hi

    Your'e not strange - enjoy them before you get too tired and uncomforatble for the real thing! x (Howard was my fave too!)
  • LOL- have to laugh. I've also been getting naughty dreams, havent had one for a few wks now- but in first trimester i was getting them all the time!!
    I say enjoy them.

  • I had them all through my pg with lo-only good thing about her being prem was that they stopped-I was exhausted!!!!!xxx
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