mil grrrrrrr

Im being really really petty and stupid but I just have to vent. Mil always calls our dog "my nemo" even though he isnt hers and she doesnt even look after him when we go away.
Anyway, I knew it would happen and it would really annoy me but didnt think it would happen quite so soon, we just went to see them and the first thing she said to me?? " hows my baby?" GRRRRRRRRR

Sorry, had to get that out
Lisa xxx


  • hi hun, no how you feel. my mum is a bit the same. my stepdad has already told her she has to give us space. just count to 10!

    also i have the same ticker as you. do you have to paste it everytime to each message. mine only showed up on one message!
  • yeah, you have to paste it every time as far as I know.
  • if my mil said that i would be grrring too!!!

    but my mil is the complete opposite- she couldn't give 2 shits that our lo is due in less than 6 weeks!

    I showed her the nursery that my oh ( her only son) spent ages doing- her lovely reaction was ' oh yeah'

    i wish she was more interested in my pregnacy and her first grandson..... but i guess i should be careful what i wish for!!

  • my mum is the other way round. telling us names she likes and ones she does not like that we mention. also how she would like the nursary and how she does not like jeans on newborns!! i only picked a pair up to look at. xx
  • my MIL used to say that about Ollie - till i pulled OH to one side and said, "look i know its only my problem, and its only a little one at the moment, but i can see me going overboard if i dont stop it now, so please tell your mum to stop calling our son hers because unless I missed something it was me you had sex with not her..."

    she hasnt called Ollie her little boy since ;\)

    I know how frustrating it can be, so you really do need to have a polite word now, or get OH to, otherwise it'll become more irritating over time (and men just dont see why it is...)

  • thanks for the replies ladies. I think i'll say something very nice and polite about it next time. Dont get me wrong its great that they are excited but its mine and oh's baby!! Im just afraid of making an issue out of something so trivial so i'll have to be very careful how I word it.
  • omg i cant believe how irritating mums and mil's can be!! My mum keeps on and on about have we chose a name for our baby yet. She asked me in the kitchen the other day and i told her that we hadnt really discussed it and would wait a while, and then i heard her in hushed tones ask my husband the exact same questions in the lounge! Luckily he didnt say anything even though we have more or less chosen a name but want to keep it to ourselves because no doubt my mum will have an opinion!!

    She hasnt really taken too much interest now as she knows i dont like her prying - esp about breastfeeding as she see it as pointless because she didnt ever eant to even try. She was willing it to fail with my lo (which it did) and has just assumed that i wont even be trying with my next baby! Cant wait to ask her to leave the room when i start breastfeeding my baby!!lol!! She will be appalled!! lol xxx
  • You are right not to tell about the name you've picked hun. My sil is constantly telling us the name we have pucked is disgusting and we cant possible use it and please change our minds. Its very annoying. Especially as I have decided on this name as its my dads middle name and im going to use his first name as the middle name.
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