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Anyones Lo fed up?

Hey all. Hope everyones 1st Christmas with Lo was fantastic and you all got lovely presents yourselves x

We had a lovely time, apart from one thing. Aimees grumpyness!!!
Shes usually a happy happy baby and smiles at everyone. But Christmas Eve she turned into a monster!! Ha.
She just wants to be stood up ALL the time, and gets frustrated when shes on her own.
She cries as soon as shes left. I did think it was seperation anx at first,but shes fine when I leave the room, as long as shes stood up with someone else!!
I think shes got to the stage where she hates the fact that she cant get anywhere. She can body bop crawl. Doesnt move her arms just goes up and down til shes got to the destination!!! But she wants to walk holding my hands all the time! And the last few days shes changed her routine to only have one nap a day now, and sometimes its only half hour, im knackered!!!! (Having to look after the new pup too is not helping haha!!)


  • I know the feeling about always wanting to stand up Erin went through this a week or so ago Can Aimee stand herself up on her own? Erin has mastered this in the last few weeks aand its much easier now she can stand up on anything even the wall!! she won't do it unaided she's so funny you can literally have a finger tip on her and she will stand steady and then as soon as you take it away she falls onto her bum!! bless!

    What dog have you got? I'd love one but just don't think i'll be able to manage with everything but we have been thinking about getting an older dog from the blue cross because they often have dogs where the owner has died and they aren't as hard work as a pup but i would love a puppy though xxx
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