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Vibrating at the boob!

Lily (nearly 4 weeks old) feeds well but quite often when she's feeding she sort of vibrates her mouth very quickly around the nipple (whilst still latched on) for about 5 seconds at a time, a few times per feed.

I'm guessing it's to stimulate milk production - though she's always content after a feed and is definitely getting enough. Just wondered if anyone else's LO does it?


  • hi yes its to stimulate the milk production,grace used to do this too when she was little! xxx
  • Oscar does this too, it's very odd lol! Always towards the end of a feed, i never knew why, and now i do! xx
  • Hehe, awww. Do you mean the thing where they do 5 or 6 little squeezes really quickly? Riley does this. He does it with his dummy too. xxx
  • :lol: Molly does this too, usually when she is nodding off. Zach did it also, it is very cute.


  • Yeah, just like that, Rebecca&Splodge! She sort of nods and squeezes rapidly.

    Good to know it's normal. Feels very odd, though!
  • lol - Kyra does that too, still does at almost 7 months! She does it when she's full up and drifting off to sleep. I counted 18 mini sucks in 5 seconds! It is very like a vibration, they do it at the end of a feed to make sure there's loads milk for next feed!
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